Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Halona Dresses

I recently bought two Halona dresses from Hautelook.  I am definitely keeping one, and sending back another.  So first the one I am going to keep, is this V-Neck short sleeve belted dress in a beautiful red color.

The material of this dress is a very very soft stretchy jersey type.  Most rayon, with some spandex.  It's got a loose fit on top, a drop waist and tight fitting on the bottom.  The black belt comes with it, but it's also detachable which is nice since that means I can use other belts with it, or use this belt with other things.  It's made in the USA which is always a plus for me.  And it was only $18!  Down from $50.  Totally worth the price.  I actually don't have a red dress, but I love that song Lady in Red by Chris de Burgh!  Gotta play that on my ipod when I wear this.  =)

These are the model shots:

I also got this Belted Epauletted shirt dress, which looked cute on the model, but way too short and see-through for me to keep.  I'd only wear it as a tunic with jeans or leggings or something but I am not really into that style.  So this one is going back.  It's too bad, because I like it as a dress.

This is how it looks on the model.  Very misleading, since I always assume models are way taller on me.

Oh well, returning this will save me 24 bucks to spend on other things.  =)


  1. That red dress looks amazing on you! Definitely a keeper!

  2. I get the feeling our tastes in clothing are in tune. The white dress should definitely be sent back, most especially with your reason on how uncomfortable it feels to wear it. But at least you found yourself a jewel, make it red by that.


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