Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lululemon Hot Class Tank in Coal/Faded Zap!

My recent ebay find finally arrived!  The very first Hot Class tank that Lululemon came out with - in coal/faded zap!  I tried it on in the store when it first came out, but for some reason passed on it.  Then I really really regretted it but it was nowhere to be found by then!  I know I've talked about this tank as "the one that got away" multiple times before, in fact, one of you emailed me to let me know when one of these was on ebay a while back.  That was so nice btw!  But that particular auction went for way more than I wanted to pay for a used tank.  And since I already got the coal/purple crush Hot Class tank, I passed on it.  But alas, another one appeared and this time I was able to get it for a good price! 

Despite the fact that it is pretty much the same as the coal/purple crush tank, I just really like the combo of coal and faded zap together.  I've always been a fan of gray and yellow combinations.  Faded zap is more like a greenish yellow, and I am not a huge fan of it by itself.  But as an accent color on this tank, I just think it looks really sharp.  I still love the coal/purple crush combo as well, so I don't mind have two.  If somebody held a gun to my head and asked me to pick one favorite though, I would pick the coal/faded zap.  Good thing I don't have to make these hard decisions in life.  Lol.  I'm so glad that I was finally able to get this tank after 2 years of dreaming about it! 

I definitely think that the newer batch of Hot Class tanks were updated with slight improvements.  I've noticed it on my lagoon Hot Class tank as well as the new coal/faded zap, that the straps tend to crease and bend in half in certain areas.  It's almost like half of the strap decides to fold on top of the other half.  This happens more as the workout progresses.  But this is not an issue with the new purple crush one.  You can even feel the difference by just touching the straps - the purple crush straps are stiffer, but the look identical.  I know it's not a big deal, but it's just something that I've noticed and then I sort of feel the need to smooth out the straps.

With that said, I still wouldn't hesitate if I had a chance to get the Hot Class tank in bold blue though.  Still dreaming about that one too.  See, I am a hoarder!


  1. Get off the computer and get your studying done!! There will be plenty of computer time next week AFTER you write your test!! (Just kidding, glad you found your coveted tank :)

  2. I have that tank and love it also. I just notice recently the faded zap has become faded and not so bright anymore, I must have and worn it too much? But always in cold and hung dry. I also loved the violet combo but decided and trying to keep myself on owning only 2 of the same tank outside of CRBs, which I have way toooo many of! Enjoy the tank and good luck on your test!

  3. @Becky: Haha you are funny! And you were right, I should have been studying!

    @Anon: Hmmm that sucks about the color fading. I'll have to keep an eye on mine. Isn't it funny when you have to use special washing instructions for workout clothes? Hehe. I am different from you because I hoard as many colors as I can get my hands on with tanks I really love. Hahaha. You don't even want to know how many cool racerbacks I have! =)


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