Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Got Me A Westin Heavenly Bed!!!

I have this problem where I like to completely change my bedroom set every couple years.  It's a bad habit, and can be expensive.  Or maybe I just need to keep looking until I find the perfect thing!  Well, let's start with the Westin Heavenly Bed!

Everybody knows that Westin hotels have the most comfortable bed!  I've stayed at enough Westins and W Hotels (both owned by Starwood) to know how nice the bed is!  And I just love pillow top mattresses in general.  So I finally decided to get myself one.  Just pulled the trigger and did it.  I actually ordered it on the last day Nordstrom had the Westin Heavenly bed sale at the beginning of the new year.  I believe Nordstrom is the only place other than the Westin-at-home website that you can order the bed from.  But not 100% positive.

I got a queen size with split foundation for $1095.  It's normally $1550 (queen size without split foundation is $1395) which is not bad at all as far as beds go and a lot less than what I thought it would be.  It's much better to have a split foundation so it will support the mattress better and there won't be any sagging or dipping in the middle.  I've been keeping my eye on this bed for a while now so I know it barely ever goes on sale and I had to grab my chance.  Too bad Nordstrom's free shipping for $200 purchase or above did not apply to this bed.  The shipping was actually $200.  But I guess it is what it is.  When you order the bed, they actually then go and make it so it takes like 3-5 weeks to get.  It took me almost exactly 3 weeks from the day I ordered it.  This bed better last me like 10 years! 

AND... I did time its arrival perfectly with this new fabric bed!  They were delivered 10 minutes apart today!

I got this bed from a whole sale furniture store.  This is one good thing about living in LA - lots of whole sale furniture you can get for way cheap.  This bed cost me only $350 after delivery and taxes.  Overstock is actually selling this bed with the night stand and chest set, for $1259.  So I feel like my deal was much better!  From the picture, it looks like this bed is a platform bed and only needs a mattress, but you actually do need a box spring.  It's perfect though since my Heavenly bed came with the split foundation box spring, it doesn't have to go to waste.

I have the rest of my bedroom furniture.  But my old bed was a platform bed, and I only had my mattress on top of it.  My night stands were a match for the bed, so now they are too low for my new bed.  I guess I need to get some higher night stands at some point.  Geez... I thought I was done!

I always thought that my next bed would be this Balboa bed from the Z Gallery with movable headboard:

Or the Marbella Round Bed:

Lol.  But they are both a little too 70s-pimp-in-the-valley looking.  Hmmm they are cool looking though.  Maybe I'll change my mind one day and get one of them when I'm tired of the current (new) one.  But I'm still glad the one I bought was way cheaper!

So I put my old bed in the guest room.  That room has been empty ever since I moved in because I didn't have any furniture for it.  So at least now there is a bed and guests don't have to sleep on the couch anymore!  And I can't wait to go to sleep on my new bed tonight!


  1. I"m super jealous! It looks amazing! I'm almost more jealous of the furniture. I'm always scouting out good deals and they are just no where to be found around here. Enjoy!

  2. Oh the bed was divine! I highly recommend the Heavenly bed already. It's a great investment for good quality sleep every night! LOVE!

    Hmm too bad the furniture stores around here only delivers within like 50 miles radius. There's always good deals online though right? It is one of the perks of living in LA, but it also comes with a bunch of BS, like crazy traffic and crazy Hollywood people! =P

  3. I live in LA and would love to know of these great wholesale furniture stores you keep referring to.

  4. HI there! Thank you for your post- do you still feel the bed is amazing? has it sagged at all? I am considering ordering it but am nervous due to bad past experiences..

  5. Hi Anon, I do still love this bed! I don't feel that it has sagged much, maybe a little but that would be expected. I don't feel that there's a dip or anything that I keep falling into though. It's sooo comfortable and I get a good night sleep every night! You'll love it. =)

  6. Great! Good to hear! Thank you very much!

  7. What did you get for your next bed? Both look great and comfy. Which of them is the best for your bedroom depends on its style. I think that one from Balboa Bed looks classic and would easily fit with any style, while the other one is more chic and challenging, but beautiful nonetheless. Michael @


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