Monday, February 21, 2011

I Went to Barney's New York Warehouse Sale and...

... all I came home with was this!

Lol.  Well today was the last day of the annual Barneys New York Warehouse Sale at the LA Convention Center.  It started last weekend and I should have gone then.  Or should have gone some time during the week last week, since I work really close to LA Live (where the Staples Center and Convention Center are).  But I was lazy I guess.  I went today because I thought there would be bigger mark downs on the last day.  Well, I was right about that, they had like 50-60% off on top of the already marked down price.  But the merchandise was so picked over that I didn't want most of the stuff left even with 90% off or whatever.  A lot of the stuff left had 4 digit retail price to begin with, so they still weren't dirt cheap.  They also had lots of men's suits and dress shirts left.  But they don't do me any good!

Most of the shoes were gone in my size, which was a bummer.  I had hoped to at least seen some cute ones left.  I did see a pair of really cute Manolo Blahnik boots that retailed for $1200 and selling for $250 or something like that there.  But they were size 5.5!  I tried squeezing my feet into them and almost succeeded, but it was just a little too tight.  Sad face.  The tank top I got was marked down from $125 to $21.  So that's at least some consolation!  It's super soft and actually pretty cute on.  I don't know what the naked woman print is all about.  Maybe it was Picasso inspired!  It's different though, and would be a cute summer tank with shorts or tights.  I wonder how the twisted straps would handle being washed.

Anyway, so next year I think I will definitely go during the first or second day of the sale and maybe I can actually get more stuff.   I do plan to go to more warehouse sales - living in LA, that is definitely a perk I need to take advantage of.  Most brands you can name have warehouses in Vernon, which is a very industrial area a few miles outside of downtown.  There's always warehouse sales going on there.  I've gotten Seven jeans for $20 a pair directly from their warehouse.  And the BCBG sale (which is actually next weekend) is notorious for having long lines and great deals!  I wish Lululemon would have a warehouse sale because I know their warehouse is in the same area too!


  1. Lol cute shirt! Lululemon does have warehouse sales but they move from city to city. I went to the one in my city in January 2008. It was a Thursday through Sunday sale, I had Friday off school so decided to go bright and early (6am). Stood outside in the -26C cold and snow for 3 hours. I was lucky enough to get in during the first batch of people. It was a madhouse! No change rooms but a large curtained off area where all the women ripped their clothes off and changed. That was actually the best place to go through piles, I found a couple deep v tanks there. The sale prices were not all that great but it was nice not to pay full price for once. I think averaged out I saved 45-50%. If there is one nearby make sure you go the first or second day for the good stuff and maybe late on the last day for the deeper discounts. If the warehouse sales are anything like the one in 2008 men could easily clean up at a very reasonable price.

  2. I don't have the patience to sift through all the muck of those types of sales. A lulu sale though? Not much muck there. Almost all good stuff : ).
    In the midwest no hope of ever a lulu warehouse sale....

  3. My sue wong dress from Hautelook is here!


    SO much darker in person, but I still love it. I think it must run a little small because the size I got fit me pretty snug and it was a size bigger than I normall buy... then again I have been loving carbs lately! LOL

  4. P.S. I don't think it's you... if I got mine in my regular size it would have been very tight. I'm so glad I sized up too! Hmm.. but I've been carbo loading lately too... LOL

  5. I'm wearing it to my sister's rehearsal dinner in June :) I had to clear it with her bc I didn't want it to outshine her dress. She likes it and we are both glad that its a darker color so it doesn't look like I'm trying to be the bride. Hopefully by June it might fit a bit looser ;)


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