Thursday, February 24, 2011

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin

I've been obsessed with my hair this week.  I have a lot of hair and it's fairly long, so I need a really good way to keep all of it up when I work out.  I usually put my hair in a pony tail and it's ok for the most part, but when I'm doing hot yoga, or running, or anything that requires lots of sweating, I hate the feeling of my hair against my sweaty skin.  Because they get wet and stick to my back and it's gross!  So I went to Target, again, and decided to give the Goody Simple Style Spin Pins a try since they seem to have good reviews.  They are only $6 for the pair.

These are pretty cool, and really easy to use.  They claim that one of these is equivalent to 10 regular bobby pins.  I don't know about 10, but maybe 5?  Lol.  There are tons of YouTube videos teaching you how to use it, and most of them are the same.  You basically just twist your hair into a bun, and then screw the spin pins in clockwise.  One from the top of the bun and one from the bottom.  You don't need to tie your hair first, but I find that it stays better when you do.  Like I said, I have a lot of hair, so two of these don't really hold my hair as securely as I'd like, especially for lots of moving around.  4 works pretty well though!  The pins stay hidden really well and you can't see them at all.  When you take them out, you just screw counter-clockwise and it comes out really easily.  Doesn't catch the hair or anything.  It's a pretty cool invention.  I'll have to try it out in my hot yoga class and see if they come out during inversions.  I don't think they would though.

I also got more Goody hair ties, and I'm trying out the Stayput elastic hair ties with plastic grip all the way around the tie.  They are supposed to prevent the pony tail from creeping down.  That is another problem I have - no matter what hair tie I use, I always always have to re-adjust my pony tail in the middle of my work outs.  It's a pain!  Hopefully these will help.

By the way, YouTube is awesome for hair tips.  It's addicting too!  I've been watching so many videos of just people showing others how to do these fancy looking hair styles really quickly.  I usually don't do anything to my hair other than washing it and blowing drying it.  Once in a blue moon I curl it.  But now I'm inspired to do more after watching these videos! 


  1. I bought the spin pins four months ago and love them for everyday casual wear. My hair is really straight and slippery and just wearing the spin pins at home hair comes loose from the bun. I don't think I could use them at the gym. But I know my cousin does.

    I have the same exact pet peeve as you. I hate when my hair sticks to my body while working out and also having to adjust the ponytail. I find using two elastics works really well. I use one to make a pony tail and the other to make a messy bun. Hasn't failed me yet.

    Did you see the other Goody pins they were selling? I'm thinking about picking up the modern updo pin. But I don't think it will work as well with my straight hair.

  2. I saw these in the states last easter but I didn't get any. Then, I was up waaay north in Canada for the summer and I still badly wanted to try them. So I had my friend mail me some when she was in Michigan. For my hair they are amazing and I can get away with just one if I've misplaced the other. My hair is curly and I've never had a problem with it forming knots and staying put! It's good to hear these things work in straight hair too. They're just so amazing and don't make your hair look so boring like a hair elastic. Have fun with it!

  3. My hair is reasonably thick but very heavy so I also have a problem. I'll have to give these pins a try. I've been using a lulu headband (my fav is now the skinny satin pirouette) and then 2-3 elastics to hold the ponytail.

  4. I love the youtube videos! I learned how to do so many makeup looks all from youtube! and learned how to curl my hair with a flat iron via youtube. Amazing tutorials.

  5. I can't find these where I live here in Canada (surprise, surprise), however, my parents are in Hawaii, Mom is going to look for some for me!

  6. @Becky They are in Canada, I found mine at Walmart. They are not with the rest of the hair accessories but on the end of the aisles.

  7. @ Anon 5:41

    Oh, I couldn't find them here on the East Coast.... oh well, my Mom will still pick some up for me. Thanks for the heads up, though :)

  8. Thank you! I have been looking for these in Canada as well with no luck. Guess I'm going to have to make a trip to Walmart!

  9. @Kate: My hair is straight and smooth too so everything tends to slip, which is exactly why I didn't go for the updo pin. It just doesn't look like it would hold my hair. I wish my hair was fine like my blond friends!

    @Deb: Curly hair = lucky! All the youtube videos I watch say you have to curl your hair first before trying any of the styles. Lol. So you save a step.

    @Anon 4:15: None of the Lulu headbands stay on my head. I've tried many but have not tried the skinny satin pirouette. I have the regular Satin Pirouette headband and it does not stay either, so I figured the skinny one would be the same. I may have to give it a try.

    @Anon 12:59: I have watched some makeup videos on youtube too! Hahaha... I am addicted now. I love youtube, you can learn everything on there! I've watched anything from how to fold a fitted sheet to how to use programming software! It's awesome, I can't believe people actually spend the effort to make videos of the simplest things, but I love it!

    @Becky: Too cute, you are so good at making the east coast of Canada sound like the most remote place on earth. =) Yes, they sell them at Wal-mart, when I googled it for reviews there were Wal-mart links.

  10. @ MSE:
    Sorry, I know East Coast Canada isn't so remote, it is just my small town that is woeful. Took me 3 days of searching stores in this town to find something as simple as a Black & Decker mouse sander, my grocery store has had Heinz Tomato soup out of stock for 3 weeks, takes 14 days for my Lululemon parcel to arrive... so, as a result I tend to get frustrated. Halifax is only an hours drive away, though, and when I go there I'm like a kid in a candy store :)
    Regardless, hopefully my Mom will find the spin pins in Hawaii for me. Also, she went to lululemon in Honalulu, she said everytime she goes there, the store is always empty. She did, however, make her first lulu purchase, a pair of Still Crops! I told her I am so proud of her! :)

  11. @Becky,

    Thank GOD for lulu online, eh? Even Waterloo in Ontario doesn't have a store, but when I was in Northern Quebec it took about 3 weeks for my stuff to arrive. It's great when you know something will fit and be right.


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