Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Room Essential Mattress Pad from Target

I realize this is a rather silly topic, but I have a love/hate relationship with mattress pads and feel pretty strongly about it.  I had a mattress pad that I used for years and loved, it was so soft and I believe it definitely enhanced my sheets and the comfort and feel of my bed in general.  I slept so well in that bed, I was such a happy camper everyday.  Then when I moved in with my now fiance, we had to get rid of my bed because it was a full size, and his was a queen.  He didn't have a mattress pad, and I convinced him that it was essential to a good night sleep.  So he got one, but he made the mistake of buying a vinyl one.  It was plastic-ky and crinkly that we used it for a few days and took it off then forgot about it and forgot about the whole mattress pad business altogether.  But since we just got the new Westin Heavenly bed a couple weeks ago, I thought it would probably be a good idea to protect the new mattress so I put the pad back on.  But my goodness, this time I hated this pad even more than I remember!  It was loud and made the bed so hot.  It's seriously made of the same material as a tarp.  I should go camping with it!  It's definitely water-proof, that is for sure, but it also does not breath at all.  I would literally wake up in the middle of the night drenched - and I'm usually the type that gets cold easily.  So after 3 days or so, I had enough of it again.

Yesterday we went to Target (love that place!) to pick up some stuff and I was determined to find a new mattress pad.  This time we knew we didn't want one made of vinyl, and I didn't care if it was water-proof or not.  It's not like we need a pee guard!  LOL!  I just wanted it to be good enough to keep sweat and whatnot from leaking through to the mattress.  I also didn't want a super padded pad, since my mattress is a pillow top, that would just be over kill.  So after feeling every single one they carried, we finally settled on the target brand Room Essential cotton blend pad.  I don't think Target carries it on their website, so the link is actually to the same brand water-proof one.  But from the reviews it sounds like it's not really water-proof.

The cotton blend pad I got was one of the cheapest at the store, but it felt the softest to me without being too thick.  Still I was having doubts just because with these things you usually get what you pay for - it's only like $19 or whatever.  But I was so happy sleeping on it last night!  It adds just the right amount of softness without the extra warmth.  It seemed to breath well and I slept through the night without waking up from sweating my butt off!  What a treat.  I can't believe it's actually the perfect pad for me.  So the love affair with mattress pad is back on!


  1. Ok, I know that it doesn't get very cold where you are. . .however, I just have to put in a plug for HEATED mattress pads. Oh my God, you don't know heavenly comfort until you've owned a heated mattress pad (oh, and having a pillow top mattress doesn't hurt). AND to top it off, light-blocking blinds are the best. You can get 'em from JC Penny's, but you have to buy the most expensive ones. For your readers that live in a cold climate, a humidifier also makes night much more pleasant . . . actually, it makes the morning better because you don't wake up all itchy and flakes :)

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  2. I'm just happy that Target is FINALLY coming to Canada, in the next year to year and a half, so the reports say. YAY!

  3. @andrea: The heated pad does sound divine! I think it would make me too hot here, but if I lived in a colder climate I would be all over that. Nothing like getting into a warm bed! I have some blinds in the bedroom that makes my room soooo dark, I love it, but that plus the comfy bed makes it really hard to get up. =)

    @Becky: Yay! I didn't know Target wasn't in Canada. You will have fun there! They have cute stuff for very reasonable price.

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  5. I should go camping with it! It's definitely water-proof, that is for sure, but it also does not breath at all. I would literally wake up in the middle of the night drenched - and I'm usually the type that gets cold easily. So after 3 days or so, I had enough of it again. sealy optimum mattress reviews

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