Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lululemon Velcro Mat Strap

I bought the Lululemon Velcro Mat Strap online the other day to carry my new yoga mat.  It arrived today and aruba compliments my mat nicely!

See... it's so cute!  Almost like I planned it!

However, as you can see from the picture above, I think this mat strap is meant for a much thicker yoga mat.  I thought my mat was normal size, but I guess maybe it's on the thin side.  So the "soft" velcro part ends 3/4 of the way and leaves the top of the "hard" velcro on the opposite side hanging off.  I know this is a lame explanation, but it's the best I got.  Maybe the picture will help:

While it's not a big deal, especially since this thing only costs $12 and I definitely will be keeping it. I just have to remember to be careful as the velcro could catch on my tanks.  I've had that happen to one of my running luon tops before, which ruins the material it catches on.  

Anyway, it is a nice and simple strap to carry the mat around to my new hot yoga classes though.  I have some gym bags that can carry a mat on the outside, but the only thing I really need to carry is my mat so it wouldn't make sense to bring an empty bag.  My fiance thinks it's all so silly when I can just carry it with my hands to walk from the car to the yoga studio.  I guess he's sort of got a point...

It looks good though!


  1. I don't know if this will help, but I don't roll up my yoga mat like in the picture - I fold it in half, then half again. it does make it a little lumpy, but then the part that was on the ground doesn't keep touching the clean part (I am a bit crazy when it comes to places I consider clean"). It makes it a little thicker, so maybe not so much velcro will be exposed?

    Congrats on finding your venue, by the way! Sounds like it'll be a beautiful day!

  2. If you use a yogi totes towel, I bet that'll take up just enough space that you won't have the velcro overhang. I don't use my towel for hot yoga, so I get a few classes before I have to wash it, so I just roll it up with my mat.

  3. Maybe roll your mat a bit looser so that the extra velcro won't have that extra bit? Just a thought??

  4. Hello!

    I have a question for you, because I know you have the Iphone4! I am going to stay up tonight and try to order the Verizon Iphone4 tonight and I'm super excited!! I have been looking for the right case for it and I've seen some pretty scary reviews. Apparently the bumpers are scratching up the Iphone - exactly what it's supposed to prevent! I'm wondering if you could give me any advice on a good case to buy. Which one do you have? Thanks!

  5. I know this is OT but you wrote a post about some fanatastic spin shoes you were trying out for a magazine. Are you at liberty to reveal the brand and model yet? I am in the market for new shoes. - Thanks!

  6. Thanks for your advice everyone!

    @Lisa: I do have the iphone 4 and I have the Incase case. I like it and it's what I had for my last iPhone too. Their cases are not bulky like a lot of cases are. They look and feel pretty nice too. The Apple store carries some of their cases too. I haven't heard about the bumper scratching the phone but that's not good!

    @Anon: Please email me. Mysuperficialendeavors@gmail.com

  7. just a thought to protect u from the velcro hooks. (I had a similar situation with a jacket that had velcro closures which were 'dangerous' when not mated together.) You can buy some velcro tape (online if there isn't a sewing store nearby) and just purchase the correct width. then cut it to fit and mate the velcro fluffy tape to the excess velcro hooks on your strap.
    velcro is sometimes sold separately (you buy hook and loop tape separately) or together. since you only need the loop tape hopefully you can find a craft store or online retailer who will sell you a 6-8inch strip of looptape. or even send you a free sample =).
    and they do come in different colours if you so choose to purchase a contrasting colour..
    we're girls - we're all about accessorizing the accessory!!

  8. Ohhh thanks Cheryl! That's a great idea! I didn't even think of it. There's a Michaels close to me, I'm sure they sell velcro there!


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