Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rice Paper Lantern Floor Lamp from Target

I got this cool Rice Paper Lantern Floor Lamp from Target. 

I'm kinda annoyed though that they sell this lamp at the store for $39, but online for $29.  They said they don't do price match.  I guess you would have to pay shipping if you bought online though so it ends up not too much of a difference.  I think $39 is a great price for this lamp because it's actually built pretty well.  The stand is pretty heavy and sturdy.  Way better quality than an Ikea lamp for the same price.  It even comes with 3 light bulbs so all you have to do is screw the stand together and the bulbs on.  It was super easy to assemble, I did it in like 2 minutes.  

I really like it!  It's pretty bright but gives a soft ambiance.  The lamp is as tall as me!  It compliments my Trump Home Swarthmore Arc lamp because it's got the same white paper / fabric look.  They are in different corners of my living room now.  I think I might have to get another one for my bedroom. I really think it's an awesome lamp for a sweet price!  I just don't understand why most lamps cost so much more when they all do the same thing.

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