Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Want This

I realize this is a men's item, but I went to Lululemon this weekend with my fiance and surprisingly walked out empty handed.  However, he got the Metal Vent Tech Long Sleeve in Camo Green/ black

He has a few Metal Vent Tech short sleeves that he wears all the time to work out in.  But this is his first long sleeve.  I'm really jealous because I love this color (and because he has an account at Lulu for the R&D discount)!  And I want it in the girls version swiftly!  Long sleeve or short, I don't even care.  I loooovveeee darker earth tone or jewel toned green.  And I think the silverescent material makes it look nicely muted. This would be a great neutral to have.

I have this Dance Strap tank in army green that I scored on ebay a while back, and it is my absolute favorite color out of my ridiculously large Lululemon collection.  In fact, I love it so much I don't even work out in it.  I reserve it for street wear because I'm afraid to ruin it.  Lol.  It works out great as a summer top, or even a going out at night kind of top with a light sweater or jacket over it.  It's just gorgeous.

I know army green will look great in any current tank style, but I think the older Lullure fabric of the Dance Strap tank makes it look even better because it gives the silky smooth look with a little bit of a shine.  

Oh, I also wouldn't complain if a gold color like this came back:

This one is also so different from the color chart of late, I really do feel like a yoga princess working out in it!  (That's what the tag description says)


  1. Check out the latest Dance Studio Pants to hit the stores this week - the color is "wren" and it is a yummy soft olive (brownish/greyish olive). Got mine yesterday and the color is FAB.

  2. I also was able to use my R&D discount to get that shirt so it was a great deal! :)


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