Sunday, February 20, 2011

First Travel Post - Hawaii!

In the beginning of the year, I had asked all you wonderful readers to send me stories about different places you live in or have been to on vacation.  You can see it on top of the page under "Share Your Story".  This is not so much because I want to turn this into a travel blog - I don't, I enjoy writing about the things I buy but I just thought it would give the blog a different dimension since traveling to different places is also one of my great loves in life.

While I have gotten responses from different readers, I have to apologize for taking so long to post them!  I suck I know.  I've started studying again for my CFA Level 2 test, so it's taking away my blogging time.  =(

Soooo, today I figured I would post one about Hawaii!  This is the very first one I received, and I love her enthusiasm so I'm just going to copy and paste (with slight editing) so you can "hear" it from her own voice.  She's so cute, it made me smile and I hope it will put a smile on your face too!


I loved reading your blog- about your travels, fitness, love of beach, and shopping addiction.  I feel that I have very similar interests...

Therefore, I would like to recommend a cool place to visit, perhaps in your future travels as a "married" woman or part of your honeymoon adventures...
Here's a little about myself...
I used to live in Hawaii... I took a year off before entering medical school,,, learned to surf, did lots of pilates, yoga, and ocean activities, including kite surfing, windsurfing, sailing, scuba, light hikes by the ocean, and just laying out on the beach!  It was the best!!!!  I also worked retail for Quiksilver and Roxy.  It was quite an experience and got to share my love of shopping and travel with the fellow visitors to the island.  I was quite surprised, but I was actually quite good at selling things too!  (just not as good at foldling t-shirts)

Anyways, there is a great boutique shop on the windward side of Oahu (in a town called Kailua- where Obama spends x-mas), called Muumuu Heaven.... the owner/founder is a woman from Australia and she uses vintage fabrics to make clothes.  It is quite popular in Japan... and they have a limited website:   I almost got a job there... but i ran out of time and had to return to start school... so I opted to enjoy the few months of freedom.... 

Ok- and to my final point, she custom-fits and designs "beach" wedding gowns... (for some reason, i pictured your ceremony near one?)....  the style might be too laid back for a big wedding, but if you were going to do say 2 ceremonies,  (one formal, one for just you and a few family members), at sunset by the ocean, perhaps.... hypothetically, then take awesome beach/sunsut ocean pics that you would treasure forever.... just a suggestion.... (they always look good in the office). 

All the same, the dresses are very simple and not crazy expensive (in terms of the market of wedding dresses), and probably super comfortable.... but I think you might want to visit the store or look it up on google... you might just find some comfortable bamboo dresses (avg. $200) or cute bags made with vintage or even old sail materials!  There have been some really cool articles and PR on them...

ALSO- there is a great pilates studio in Kailua:
great Lomilomi (hawaiian massage), across the hall from the studio...
and great eggs benedict/chiffon guava pancakes downstairs....
plus great yoga in Kailua: 
absolutely divine beach!!! you will love it!!!!  but no can stay in Waikiki at the new Trump hotel or Ocean side... and rent a convertible or Harley!!! or limo...

For all your ocean loving activities visit the Naish store in Kailua too - or call 808-626-6068 for surf, windsurf, kitesurf, and stand up paddle board lessons/rentals/gear!!!

Good luck with the wedding plans!  Don't forget to plan the honeymooon! (prob the best part!)

PS. Props to you for getting in shape again!  I have had a similar experience while i was living on the Left Coast in NYC.... i also fell in love with a great yoga studio that opened up a new studio in the Mission in SF (and in NYC) called the laughing lotus Check out a class with Dana Flynn or Jasmine Tarkeshi (they are my most wonderful and awesome teachers).  I actually became certified while I was living in NYC and going to NYU for a masters... lost 20 pounds and 6 dress sizes from 10 to 4!  I didn't even know it, since I tend to wear more comfortable clothes, but eventually, had to buy some new ones...  but who doesn't enjoy shopping! 

Oh yeah- I dig the TRX too!!
Your blog ROCKS!!!!!!!!  Congrats on the big ROCK on your finger too!!! it is quite impressive!!!! the picture does not do it justice.... I bet it dazzles in just the right light! (just don't wear it in the ocean... might attract a shark or too...but don't leave it on the beach either!!!!)

Thanks for sending this in!!  

Doesn't she sound adorable??  Please keep the emails coming guys, I will definitely post them occasionally for everyone to enjoy!


  1. off topic from travel, but lululemon is releasing an updated version of your fave run fast shorts called the run faster longer shorts (looks like they have a slightly longer inseam).

  2. Thanks Anon, I will have to check them out - I liked the inseam on the Fast shorts, but maybe a little longer will work too. Hopefully more colors will come out this time!

  3. I know, I like the inseam on the original fast short (I own all four colors it came in!). I really like my run speed shorts and have a ton of those but I think the run fast are my faves.

  4. Oh I just saw a picture of them - not sure if I'm a fan of the wider leg opening. Looks kind of baggy on the model. Must try on. I wish the Run Fast shorts would come back exactly how they were, but in tons of diff colors!! Wishful thinking, huh? Hehe.


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