Monday, May 24, 2010


I found a new Saturday work out to "replace" my boxing class!  Well, you know, it's quite different so I can't say it completely replaces boxing.  But at least it's a hardcore class with a crazy instructor!  In a good way of course.

I first started doing kettlebell about a year ago.  It's such a good work out and gets those muscles that don't normally get attention.  I loved how good it was for my back muscles.  During most of the "normal" work outs we always tend to concentrate on the front parts of our bodies, the back is always the after thought.  I guess out of sight, out of mind!  But that's why as people age, they tend to slouch forward - their back muscles are not strong enough to help them stand up right.  So it's so important to get that balance while we are still young and able to work out!  Also, it's just sexy to have a nice back!  If I had to pick one area of my body that needs the most work, I would say my back because I absolutely hate back fat and I'm always mindful of how much shirts cut into my back.  But anyway, kettlebell is great for the back, but it's also a great full body work out as well and that's why I love it!

Well the great instructor I used to take kettlebell class with left the gym so I stopped taking them for a few months, with only a few classes here and there with other random instructors - just not the same.  But my gym just got a new instructor who is great!  And it's a girl!  I think it's cool that such a "manly" class is taught by a girl.  She is bad ass too.  I think she may also be a Lululemon ambassador because she is always wearing outfits of the newest items.  I've taken her class a few times now and she is constantly coming up with new moves to challenge us.  She pushes us to failure, while giving different level choices for different people.  Every time I've come out of her class super sore for days after!!  And sore everywhere too in weird places - like butt, inner thighs, quads, calves, lower and upper back, arms, and even back of my ankles...?!?  That last one is definitely a first.

It's already Monday night and there's no sign of me getting any better lol.  I kinda like it though, makes me feel like I did something good for my body.  My arms are dying still, they are so tired that I feel like I don't even have enough energy to lift them.  Wow!  Glad I got back into this work out and found a new Saturday morning ritual!


  1. Wow -- thats so funny because I also gave up my saturday boxing class and picked up kettels - i love them!!! Definitely my favorite workout -- In the summer we do it on the beach and it is challanging and fun! I am always sore after my class-- My instructor is always mixing things up and it is never the same workout twice -- I would encourage anyone to try it -

  2. Kettlebell on the beach sounds awesome! Where do you live? I don't know of any around here though I'm sure there probably are some in Santa Monica or Venice area.

  3. I live in NJ -- so we only do it on the beach a from June - Sept-- then we are in a gym -- but it is great while it lasts -- nothing better then riding your bike to the beach for the best workout -- I have definitely noticed more definition in my back and arms then I ever have with boxing -- although it did give me a good starting point -- I think kettles just enhance it -- It is my "must not miss" class, whereas spin, bootcamp, and pilates I love as well, but if I had to choose only one it would be kettles.

  4. Same here! I haven't missed a kettlebell class since I got back into it. Love my new instructor! Just went this morning and she kicked my butt again. I'm gonna have to look into some beach work outs around here... that sounds like a lot of fun! I could run to the beach, work out and run back which will be about a 7-8 mile run, and get tan at the same time hehe

  5. yeah -- you should definitely try it - burpees in the sand -- totally new experience -- it adds a slightly different element to the workouts and challanges some different muscles in the sand. Plus, who doesn't love being outside instead of a stinky gym when its warm out -- the tan? a bonus!!Haha


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