Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Complimentary Kerastase Treatment - Go Get Them!!!

Kerastase is a (much more expensive) hair care product line from L'Oreal.  I used to use it when I lived in Australia a few years ago.  It costs about $70 or more for an 8 oz bottle of shampoo and conditioner - definitely not cheap.  But I loved what it did to my hair, and to their defense, you don't have to use nearly as much product to lather the hair, so the little bottle does last a while.  I stopped using it though once I came back to the States because back then I lived in Santa Barbara, and didn't know where to get it.  Now I just use the free Kiehl's stuff at the gym lol.  It's not nearly as good as Kerastase, but hey it's free.

Anyway, Kerastase gives out complimentary treatment and blow out every year in their select participating salons for a suggested $10 donation to a charity called "Locks of Love".  It's an one day only event, and this year it will be on June 23rd in the West Coast (East Coast was today so if you are just finding out about it now, then you've missed it).  There's a few salons in Beverly Hills that are participating, and the salon around the corner from me Juan Juan is participating as well, so I booked an appointment right away.

I am in serious need of a treatment!!!  I was actually just thinking about getting one the other day.  I've noticed some splits and dryness in my ends.  Maybe I really should abandon the Kiehl's stuff and just stick only with their amazing lotion.  =(  A treatment at a place like Juan Juan (fancy schmancy, targeting rich Brentwood housewives) would easily run above $100.  I'm happy to give them a $10 donation, especially for a good cause and silky hair!  What a great deal!  I may even pick up some Kerastase shampoo and conditioner as well.  And I guess I'll be taking that day off from work...

So for anyone out there who lives near one of these salons and can take the day off, I suggest you book your appointment right away before they fill up!!  Kerastase only partners up with high end salons and really, it can't hurt to treat yourself to some nice treatment without spending much money!  =)

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