Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kogi BBQ Truck

Hmmm just had Kogi's for dinner.  It's been so long since I last tasted the yummy short rib burrito!  About a year ago the Kogi truck was soooo popular in LA.  It's basically a food truck that makes a fusion of Korean and Mexican food.  Sounds very strange but oh so tasty.  They had a Twitter page and people had to track its location by following it on Twitter.  Then they would wait in line for like 2 hours just to get some!

I don't have a Twitter account and don't plan to get one, ever.  So I was never into this craze.  The first time I had Kogi's was at a summer party at my CEO's house last year.  He actually got it catered for the night so we had it exclusively on the street outside of his Pacific Palisades house!  Of course the food was free for us, so I was able to try everything on the menu, like the Korean BBQ Short Rib Burrito, Sliders, Kimchi Quesadilla, Short Rib Taco, etc. etc. 

I seriously stuffed my face.  And I couldn't believe how good everything was!  I always loved Korean BBQ, and short rib is my favorite item whenever I make it to Koreatown.  I also love burritos, so combining the two was just amazing.  I don't know what they put in the sauce of the meat or veggies, it's a distinct taste that I can't describe.  But trust me when I say that it is GOOD!  The thousands of people that have waited in line for hours will agree with me.
Well nowadays the lines aren't nearly like that anymore since the craze has died down.  And they've got 4 trucks up and running now that cover different locations.  Tonight after my run club I really felt like one, and I checked their location on facebook (I friended them on facebook so I can get their location updates), and they just happened to be at UCLA which is super close to Brentwood where I live.  So I went over and got some burritos and sliders.  I think the burritos are smaller than before - at least from what I remember.  But it's still full of meat and it's a pretty good value at $5 each.  The sliders though are priced a bit on the high side since they are also $5 for 2 little things.  It's my favorite though so I had to get it.
I think those things are loaded with sodium so I feel dehydrated now.  But hey, once in a blue moon, it's totally worth it.  Though I probably also just canceled out the calories I burned running tonight.

Since Kogi came out there's been lots of copy cats so there's food trucks everywhere now.  There was a shaved ice truck right behind Kogi's tonight.  I wonder if they follow the Kogi truck around?  There's also a Calbi truck which is an exact copy cat of Kogi, but their short rib burritos are not nearly as good for the same price.  I've also seen dim sum trucks, sandwich trucks, grilled cheese trucks, dessert trucks like Sprinkles cupcake truck, etc. etc.  It's so crazy!!  Hard to believe they all can make money.  But interesting how they turned food trucks into a hip thing.  Must say that the Kogi guy had a good idea and did a great job of making it happen!  I read in some article that he was actually a professionally trained chef that worked at fancy restaurants before this Kogi truck idea.  Good for him!

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