Wednesday, May 5, 2010

LORAC Makeup from Hautelook

I can't remember if I've used LORAC makeup before, but HauteLook had a sale last week so I grabbed some stuff for pretty cheap.  But after I bought them, I noticed that some of the items were discounted at the same price on the LORAC website so I could have just bought from there.  Oh well, I did get some stuff that were not on the site so whatever.  I received all the items today in the mail.  Obviously haven't had a chance to really try them all, but I did play with them and am pretty excited about some of them.  I think LORAC stuff is definitely better than the Urban Decay stuff I bought from HauteLook before - most of that stuff was pretty much a waste of money.  Anyway, here's what I got:

A couple eye shadows, $3.99 each from $18 retail.

Color: Charcoal

Color:  Innocence - lilac with silver shimmer

The colors go on pretty easily and blend well based on the test on my hand.  The innocence color is very different in person than the picture.  It's much darker and has almost a tan/brownish undertone when you are looking at it.  But when it's applied on the skin, it looks more purple.  A very light and shimmery silvery purple.  I think if I wear a primer before applying this color, it will make the color brighter and shinier and very pretty.

I also got a pack of two toned eye shadows called Eye It Kit - Love & Money.  Got it for $4.99, retails $28.

I really like these colors.  They go on really well too and I love the combination of the two.  The lighter color is supposed to be light green but it has more of a golden undertone.  It would be fun to play with these colors and use one color to fade into another!  I do have to say though that I don't like the clear white plastic case it comes in.  I get that they are trying to make it "on the go" and easy to carry.  But it just looks cheap.  Oh well, no biggie.

I also got the On Screen Duo in Champagne and Caviar.  Got it for $6.99, retails $24.

This one is pretty cool.  It has a base color / highlighter color on top, and a charcoal colored cream eye liner on the bottom.  I have the cream eye liner from MAC in black with gold flecks, but I've had it for a while and it dried up and is now very hard to apply.  I decided on the charcoal colored one since it might make a more natural look so I can wear it during the day time too if I want.  And also to just have something different.  I haven't tried this yet so I hope it works well!  I always applied the MAC one with the MAC eye brow brush, which worked really well and should also work for this one.  

Ok next, I got the Glam Rocks Loose Metallic Eye Shadow in Gold.  Got it for $4.99, retails $16.

I also have loose eye shadows from MAC, one of which is the copper color which I always wished was gold.  So when I saw the gold one, I just had to get it.  I actually like this one better than my MAC ones because the color doesn't look painted on when it's applied.  The MAC ones just look way too theatrical, which is why I never use it.  This LORAC one actually spreads really well and becomes very light and shimmery.  It's more like the effect of glittery lotion when it's applied - very faint and can be seen from different angles when it catches the light.  It doesn't come out of the bottle very well though.  You kind of have to shake the bottle and tap the bottom really hard for a few flecks to fall out.  But a little bit goes a long way, and I would just use my fingers to apply.

Then I got the Cheek Stamp in Coral for $3.99, retails $22.  

This one is very interesting.  You basically stamp on the color to your cheeks - just like the name implies, and then blend with fingers or a brush.  I tried it on my hand and the color seemed to go on very well.  It's a darker red color in person than the pictures.  So I guess I have to be careful to not over apply.  Lately I've been using my Shu Uemeura Glow On Blush in neutral color, which I love because it makes me look more tan.  But going back to a pinkish/reddish tone will be a nice change of pace sometimes too.  So I will have to test it out tomorrow.

Ok LASTLY, I got the Delicious Lip Polish for $3.99, retails $17.50.

I thought it was interesting that this lip gloss came in a nail polish like bottle.  I thought it would be the same size as a regular sized nail polish, but it's actually much smaller.  Like a mini nail polish bottle that you can get as a sample or as a part of a gift pack.  But the color is nice.  It goes on pretty thick and glittery.  But it's much more liquid than other lip glosses I've used before.  The consistency really reminds me of nail polish too.  So I feel kinda weird putting it on my lips.  Hmm... I guess I will have to get over that!

It's awesome that I got all this stuff for $32 plus $6 shipping and $3 tax for total $42.  Oh yeah, that's the thing I don't understand about HauteLook - all the other sites like it out there do not charge tax but this one does for some bizarre reason. But anyway, it's still pretty great to get all this stuff for $42!  They will keep me entertained for a while!

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