Monday, May 31, 2010

Victoria's Secret Pink Lace Waist Panties

I love Victoria's Secret Pink because they always send me cards in the mail for free lace waist panties.  I'm all about free stuff.  Especially when there's no purchase or other obligations required.  Obviously they send these cards hoping that customers would go into the store and make more purchases along the way.  Well not me.  I have so much underwear from there that my drawer barely closes.  I love them, but I really don't need to spend money on more.  I'm not a fan of their shirts and sweat pants and hoodies so there's really nothing enticing there for me. 

These are awesome underwear though.  I love the lace waist.  It's so pretty and feminine, and also very comfortable at the same time.  They are stretchy so they don't dig in on the sides or anything.  And the wide waistband lays nicely on the skin and underneath pants.  I do absolutely everything in these, from a regular work day, to the gym, to running errands, etc. etc.  They are that comfortable!  I love that they make these in every single color imaginable.  Having the rainbow spectrum adds a "pop" to my otherwise boring business professional work attire that I sport 5 days a week on the outside.  I gotta keep myself young somehow!

So yesterday I got another one of these.  The sales associate was giving me somewhat of an attitude probably because I wasn't purchasing anything.  Whatever.  They are 5 for $25.  I picked a really pretty graffiti type print, with pink lace waist.  She said that I could only get prints if the solid colors were out in my size.  That's not what it says on the card I got though so I don't know where she got that idea from.  I just told her fine, solid colors are out in my size, and got the one I wanted.  In fact, I'm wearing them right now!  (Though that may be TMI).

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