Saturday, May 15, 2010

Express Stuff - Dolman Graphic Tee, Twisted Racerback Sequin Top & Rouched Cow-Neck Top

I ordered a couple more things from Express earlier in the week and they just arrived today.  Here's what I got:

The Dolman Graphic Tee:

I tried this shirt on in person at the store in size S a couple weeks ago, but it was too big.  I know the style is meant to fit large and loose but it was way big and falling off my shoulders.  I really liked the shirt though but they didn't have an XS.  So I found it on the Express website and ordered it.  It's made of thin burn out material with silver graphic prints on it.  It's semi see through, but I don't mind that.  The bottom has a wide elastic band that holds it in place.  Cute!  Right after I bought it it was gone from the website so maybe I got the last one!

I have an older shirt from Express I got a few months ago that has the exact same back as this one - I love the braid look!  But the front is also white, with big silver rhine stone decorations on the neck area.  It's so cute and one of my favorite shirts that can be dressed up or down.  This one though, has gold sequins on the front to make it more dressed up looking.  I read the reviews on their site about this shirt and everyone was saying to size down.  So I did.  But I wish I didn't because while it's still loose fitting, it's not quite as long as I would like.  So I might take it back to the store to see if they have one size up, though I've never seen this shirt in the stores around me.  If not, I think I will still keep it because it's not a super big deal.  Price is a little high for this shirt though - $50.  So maybe I will re-think.

It also comes in all black which I think is cute too.

Lastly, I got the Rouched Cow-Neck Top:

This shirt is ok, it fits fine in my regular size, but it's not my favorite.  It's a very fitted look, but doesn't hug the wrong curves or anything.  I don't know, maybe because the material is so thin that it feels a little cheap to me.  Like a shirt I could have gotten at Forever 21 or something for $10.  I do like the color - it's a very dark charcoal, almost black, with subtle shine and sparkles.  It also comes in black and hot pink.  I thought this one was the most interesting color though.

I will have to think about what to do with this shirt.  While it's a cute enough shirt that can be worn to work under my suit jacket, or out and about, I just don't know if it's worth it.  Maybe I should return it and save my money for something that I really love.  Not that it's very expensive at $34 but still.  Money is money!  So we'll see!

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