Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lululemon Dance Studio Pant II - Problems Already!

Since I got my Lululemon Dance Studio Pant II in Coal last week, I was really happy with the way they fit and felt.  But, after wearing them once or twice (just walking around a couple hours, not working out or anything), I noticed that lots of threads already came out from the inner waistband!  I know this is not because I snagged on anything while walking around, since they came out from the inside that rested against my skin.  Not like I wear metal underwear or anything!  So this is unacceptable since these are brand new, $100 pants that are supposed to take physical abuse for years! 

So I took them back to the store today to see what they could do.  I was actually hoping they would just give me a new pair and call it a day, but they said they would send to their tailor to see if he could fix them first.  If not then they will give me a new pair.  How inconvenient.  So now I have to wait a week and then see if it worked out.  By that time, they won't have any size 2s left in stock because that's the first size to go always.  So I guess I'm really hoping the tailor will be able to fix it!  I would be pissed if I didn't live so close to the store.  It also doesn't make me happy that these were made with such poor quality and charged such high price.  I don't want this part to be fixed just to have another part come out a couple weeks later!

Grrrr..... I've been reading on Lululemon's facebook page about a lot more customers complaining about the lesser quality of their products nowadays.  It seems a lot of people are having bad pilling problems with luon items.  Some say they started pilling after a week or so before they even washed them.  It seems that this is only happening to the newer items that came out within the last few months.  People say that their old Groove pants they bought 5-6 years ago look better and newer than their 2 week old new ones.  Hmm... well I only have one pair of Groove pants that are from 2009, and I've worn them quite a bit and there's almost no pilling.  Some of my other luon crops also from 2009 have a little bit of pilling but not bad.  None of my luon shirts have any pilling.  The only item I have that have major pilling issues is my Biker Groove Shorts.  They are static charcoal color, which I've read has really bad pilling issues so I'm not the only one.  I've only worn mine about 5 times or so at the most, and the inner thigh area feels like I've worn them for years!  I'm almost afraid they are wearing so thin that they would rip apart during my work out so I stopped wearing them.  I can't even resell them because they are in such bad shape.  =(  I hope Lululemon really addresses their quality issues because I will not buy their pants anymore if it keeps happening!  I do understand that companies make more profits by cutting costs, but it seems that they need to keep up with the high quality products they used to make because that's what keeps loyal customers coming back for more!

Anyways, rant over.  Oh, found out today that they got more WHITE Dance Studio Pants!!!  Sooooo sad though because they only received ONE pair of size 4s which are already sold out, and none in size 2.  I even called the GEC yesterday asking for these but I think the girl I was talking to didn't know what she was talking about and was looking up the wrong product.  Otherwise I would have got the white ones in my size already!  I will have to call them again tomorrow and hopefully talk to someone else with more knowledge of their own products!  What can I say... I just really love the white ones!

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