Friday, April 16, 2010

Dance Studio Pant II - WHITE!

So by some miracle, I got a voicemail last night from the manager of my local Lululemon store saying that she found a pair of the Dance Studio Pant in white for me in my size!  And instead of putting it back onto the floor, she held it for me.  YAY!!!  How nice!!!  So today I went by the store again to pick them up. 

I got size 4, which is one size bigger than the size 2 I got in the same pants in coal.  But the white ones are lined (since they would be super see through if they were unlined) so I figured 4s would be good.  And they don't have any size 2s, so I got the 4s without even trying them on.  They are cute, but for some reason I thought they were not as cute as my coal ones.  Hmmmmm.... not sure why this is.  Maybe because they are lined so they look heavier?  I don't know, I feel like they make my legs look shorter and fatter.  Maybe it's because white is not as a slimming color as a dark color?  Or maybe it was just me being crazy.  I actually called the GEC asking if they had a size 2 in white, and again got the answer no.  So I'm going to sleep on it tonight and try them again tomorrow.  If I really don't like the way these pants fit, I guess I will have to return them and save me $110.

I was really hoping to fall in love with them though.  Because white just looks so cute!  And they would be great when the weather gets colder (I know it's not even summer yet, call me crazy!) because they are quite warm.  Another thing is, since the inseam on these are 35 inches, I have to cinch them up.  But I have to be careful not to drag them on the ground because they will get dirty in no time!

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