Friday, April 17, 2015

Vince Knit Scuba Jacket - Squee!!

Vince is having their Friends & Family sale now through Sunday, which gives you 25% off everything (code FFVNS15).  I was browsing their sale section, thinking that the discount probably didn't apply to it.  But then I added a sale item to my cart to test it out, and it worked!  So I couldn't pass the opportunity to get another Scuba Jacket... but this time, instead of leather, I got the Knit Scuba Jacket!  It's such a good deal right now because it is already on sale for $207 which is much lower than other retailers that carry this style.  And, you get 25% off on top of that!  So it ends up being only $150ish.  So so so worth it!

This was my first time ordering directly from  They ship free, and sent it out the same day I ordered!  Also, they ship from LA so I got the jacket the next day!  It's packed nicely too:

The only caveat with ordering from is that sale items are final sale so you cannot return or exchange.  I know my size is XS in the leather scuba jackets, but I had never tried on the knit version before.  I took a chance anyways due to such great pricing, so I ordered XS as well.  Happy to say that it fits exactly the same as the leather version!  I just can't get enough of the Scuba jacket.  This one is my 4th!  I am not stopping either.  

This jacket also comes in black, by the way.  I got the gray one (the color is called H Dusk) because I have the black leather Scuba already so I didn't want to get the same color in the knit version.  Plus I like the black zipper and ribbed panel contrast on the gray one.

I like wearing this jacket unzipped or zipped.  But I have to say that I wear my leather ones unzipped almost 100% of the time.  

I love the feel of the material - the quality is so nice!

This is what it looks like zipped:

I like the asymmetrical hem on the Scuba jacket a lot:

The zipper is also a nice matte black:

I'm so happy with this jacket!  I noticed that both colors are sold out on in size XS and S.  I've been able to find this jacket elsewhere, but they are priced at $258.  Maybe these retailers will do price match if you ask them!  Here they are at some of the big department stores that are likely to price match:  

Revolve (priced at full price of $345 though)

Anyways... I actually ordered the Boucle Scuba with leather sleeves from as well yesterday.  So I should receive it tomorrow.  It doesn't look that great on the picture is using.  But it looks so much cuter on the Bluefly photo so I hope it will workout for me!  Fingers crossed!

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