Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lacoste Makes Awesome Bath Towels!!

This is kind of a different post, but I've recently bought ~$400 worth of Lacoste bath towels, mats and robe and I love them lol.  I needed to refresh my towels when I moved.  It just feels good to throw away old rags and start anew!  But I guess these things are expensive.  I also went a little crazy because they come in so many bright and cheerful colors that I just kept adding them to my cart!  Haha!  But seriously, I've been using them for more than 2 months now and I feel that I can honestly say that they are really awesome!  It seems that many people echo my opinion judging by all the 5 star reviews online.

I got 5 different color sets in the Croc Bath Towel collection.  I actually got most of them from Macy's but also some from Bloomingdale's since Macy's didn't have all the different sized towels I wanted in each color.  I got the huge bath sheet size, as well as regular bath towel size and hand towels as well for each color.  I think the greatest thing about these towels is that you can just use them right out of the box, so to speak.  Normally I find that towels will shed all these little fuzzy balls all over you the first... many times of use.  It's better if you wash them first, but you will still get fuzz.  These Lacoste towels just don't do that!  They are also soft, thick and absorbent.  They also go on sale for like 50% off every couple months, it seems.

The colors I got are capri (the teal one right in the front), formula 1 (bright red on bottom of the 1st pile), maze (bright yellow one in middle of 1st pile), ocean (the lighter blue in the 2nd pile), and peacoat (the navy blue on the 2nd pile).  I love all of them.  Seriously.  I want every single color in the collection!  I think I need orange and green next lol.

Ok next, I got the 3 set of the Memory Foam Bath Mats which are amazing!  They are 21 x 34 inch, and I got them in formula 1, ocean and peacoat.

You may think it's a bit unnecessary to have a memory foam bath mat.  But it feels so good on your feet lol.  It's just better than a regular bath mat, trust me.

Here's my peacoat one that I've been using.  I stand on it every time I go wash my hands or whatever.  It has stayed in great shape and still bounces back each time.  I personally love the Lacoste crocodile logo.  So I don't mind the big print at all.  In fact, I think it's cute!  But it is also not super obvious, at least in the dark colors.

Ok lastly, I got the Smash Bath Robe.  These robes also come in different colors, but I got the capri which matches one of the towel colors I got.

I had read some reviews which said that this robe is too short.  I do agree that it's short.  But I like the length since I don't want to wear a heavy long towel around like a boxer.  This is what the length looks like on my 5'5 frame:

I LOVE this oversized hood!  And pockets, of course.

I love this robe.  It's super comfy and I usually put it on after I've taken a shower and dried myself.  Sometimes I put on the hood if my hair is still wet, and that way I don't get water dripping on anything else.  Then I just chillax.  =D

The Lacoste logo is actually really big on this robe!  

Anyway, so these are some of the things that have been serving me very well the past couple months, so I thought I'd share!  I got mine during one of the sales and saved a lot of money as a result.  So I recommend waiting for a sale if you are looking to get these!  

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