Friday, July 5, 2013

Kensie Sidewalk Cafe Lounge Dress

My latest score from ideeli, the Kensie Sidewalk Cafe Lounge dress, for only $14 lol.  But I also found it on Nordstrom's website, on sale now too, for $28, in 2 colors as well.  I got the true blue stripe.  I thought it would be a nice casual piece to throw on for the summer.  Beach, pool, whatevs.  I got it in size XS and it still fits pretty loose.  I actually like it more than I thought I would!  It's so comfy, and you can wear it with the waist cinched or uncinched to have slightly different looks.

Here it is uncinched:

Not so good from the side:

Or cinched... it does become shorter in length:

Much better from the side when it's cinched, IMO:

I like the nautica theme of this dress, and the orange stripe on the side makes it a bit more different.  It's just super easy and comfy.  Totally worth the $14 price tag.

Here are some close ups:

Little bit of girly ruffles on the bottom

Ahhh I really need to bring out my steamer and get rid of wrinkles on my new clothes!  I am so lazy sometimes.  I'm think that it's almost easier if I just wash it and then throw it in the dryer for a bit lol.  Happy Friday!!

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