Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jean-Michel Cazabat Pamela Chain Espadrille Wedge & Bella Luxx Pleated Neckline Maxi Tank Dress

My latest purchase from Gilt are the Jean-Michel Cazabat Pamela Chain Espadrille Wedge and Bella Luxx Pleated Neckline Maxi Tank Dress.  I kind of splurged on the wedge shoes ($99), because I wanted some wedges that are not so high so I could wear them comfortably all day.  And I liked the way these looked.  They are black but since they have silver woven into the fabric, they don't look so stark black and more of a gun-metal gray.

And on me...

So these have a 3.5 inch heel and 1/2 inch platform, making them comparable to 3 inches.  The height is perfect.  The straps were kind of tight around my feet in the beginning though.  But now that I've worn them a few times, they have loosened up.  I got them in size 6.5 and I think I could have sized down to 6.  But because of the straps, they will not fall off or anything.  And it's probably more comfortable this way, so I kept them.  I've been wearing them quite often, and I think I will wear them even more in the summer.  They are perfect for walking around on the weekend!

The Bella Luxx maxi dress I got is white.  I was actually thinking of maybe returning it, but it has passed the return time period now so I guess I am keeping lol.  I mainly wanted to return because of the color - it's all white so I'm scared that I will immediately get it dirty.  It's a very soft material so I feel really comfortable in it.  It's white but there is a shorter layer underneath that covers the essential area.  You can see the legs, which makes the dress kind of sexy.  It's very long on me, but the hem is unfinished so I think I can just cut it myself...?!?  Kind of scary... but why pay someone to do the same thing?

So the model has the waist worn lower, right above her hips, and the dress is perfect length for her.  I'm a couple inches shorter, however, so when I do it like that, it is definitely too long, even with 5 inch heels on!

But if I wear the waist up higher, it shortens it by a couple inches.  Still too long on me though, and the inner skirt now looks a little too short too:

Here's the hem.. I think it's totally doable to cut it myself... really carefully...

More detailed shots:

It starts becoming semi-see-thru from the thighs down

So this dress was $59, down from $128.  But I had a 30% off code so the price is actually pretty decent.  It's a size small.  The material is 90% micro modal and 10% silk shell.  It's very thin, but so comfy on.  I hope I get some wear out of it when I shorten it!

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