Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Funday

It feels like only a couple days ago when I wrote the last "Sunday Funday"...  oh wait, it was.  =)  Well, I'm glad to be posting this one on time today!  I tried to workout as much as I could this week, but my schedule was quite busy for a few days.  I think I did ok though!  I just wish I got more weights and cardio in.  It finally cooled down here earlier this week, but today it went back up to the 90s... ugh!  I can't wait till this heat wave is over so I can run and do more stuff outdoors.  I went out for a run/walk with Whiskey today and we both nearly died.  Poor guy in his fur coat.  =(  So it will be nice if and when winter finally gets here!  But then I'm sure I'll complain about how it is so cold here in the lower 60s.  =)

Tuesday 10/9
What I did:  We get Columbus Day off of work since the bond market is closed.  So I took Monday off of the gym as well obviously.  On Tuesday I was going to go workout, but I wasn't really in a good mood, so I went to hit golf balls instead.

What I wore:  Lululemon white swiftly LS, with bubbulicious cool racerback underneath, and my bordeaux Dance Studio Pants.  I'm really glad I bought/kept these pants in this color because I seriously love them.

I also have my work outfit from Tuesday.  I bought this new blouse from Mango that I haven't had a chance to write about yet.  But I love it.  I am all about wearing loose blouses with pants or skirts (and a belt) to work these days.

Wednesday 10/10
What I did:  I went to lift at the gym and worked on arms, followed by ten 20 second sprints with 10 second rest in between.  Although these ten sprints took only 5 minutes to complete, it is such a killer when you do it in a high speed since the rest time is so short in between.  It's a very efficient use of my time since I was running late to meet up with my driving range buddy.

And for golf, since it was getting quite chilly at night, I wore my coal Dance Studio pants with fruity tootie swiftly LS.  I love Dance Studio pants for golf.  I think I will use it as an excuse to buy more of them when nice colors come out.  =D  These coal pants are in size 2, whereas the bordeaux ones are in size 4.  Looking at the pictures, I think you can tell that these fit tighter all the way around.

Thursday 10/11
What I did:  Weights, worked on legs.  It was such a killer!  So I skipped my usual sprints afterwards.

What I wore:  Old school Lululemon Tri Y tank in this blue gingham print, with my CW-X Pro tights and my New Balance shoes again.  Been wearing these a lot lately!

It was a pretty chilly morning, so I wore my new hoodie from Cotton On as to/from.  I love this hoodie so much...

I skipped Friday morning workout, since I had a late night on Thursday for a New York colleague's happy hour when he came in town.  Then I skipped Friday afternoon workout to have happy hour drinks with another friend.  Hmmm... this social trend is killing my workout schedule!

Saturday 10/13
What I did:  Yoga class.  Much needed.  We stretched a lot and it felt good since I was so tight!

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in pow pink, with pow pink Free To Be bra underneath.  Paired with black/bon bon Astro Crops.  Why won't this color bon bon make a come back?!  I love it, along with fruity tootie!

Sunday 10/14
What I did:  Today was quite an active day for me.  I got up at 7 because one of my friends is crazy and wanted to play tennis by 7:30 am.  I guess it was a good idea, since it was such a hot day today.  Straight after tennis, I went to my golf lesson and played for a couple hours.  I think golf is definitely my game more than tennis, but that's just because I'm better at it.  Tennis makes me curse.  =)  After golf lesson, I took Whiskey to the park for almost 2 hours.  He's napping right now.

And that concludes today's Sunday Funday!  I think I will now join Whiskey for a nap as well.  That is the best thing to do on Sunday afternoons after an active morning!


  1. I love your outfits, especially Lulu :) We have Cotton On stores here in San Diego but I've never been in one, will have to now! I'm with you that I am over this hot weather and want it to be a little cooler. I want to wear my Define jackets!

  2. I have to say I keep reading blogs from California and it makes me so envious of you all! People say they dont get much use out of hoodies cause they can only wear them like 1 month a year...sigh. Thats my dream! Living in Alberta Canada I can actually wear a hoodie year round, in the mountains mornings and evenings are cool all year. Anyway that was off the topic but enjoy your heat! You are lucky : )

  3. I really wish they'd bring back Fruity Tootie too!

  4. I must say, the long sleeve swiftlys look amazing on you!!!! I am scared to buy one because of snags but I may cave...

    1. Thanks Sandra! I have many swiftly short sleeves and long sleeves. Have been buying them for years and not a single one have snagged... and I don't even baby them at all.

  5. I am debating on whether or not to splurge on a pair of dance studio crops. I don't know whether to get a 2 or 4 though. I am 5'5" , 123 lbs. 27 waist, 35 hips. Would u mind giving me your measurements? Both sizes look good on you, but it would help me for reference if I knew your measuents compared to mine. Thanks so much! Love your outfits!

    1. Hi there, I have exactly the same measurements as you, but I think I weigh more lol. I think the crops actually run smaller than pants. Maybe it's just me, but all my crops are size 4. Pants I have both size 2 and 4 now. My size 2s fit tighter in the bum and waist, but legs fit about the same as 4. Size 4s are kind of loose in the waist and if I don't tie them, they will tend to fall down a little. But I am kind of liking the baggy-ish look though. I think they are supposed to fit like that. So I think it's your preference. If you have skinny legs, maybe size 2 would fit you better...


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