Saturday, October 27, 2012

Swarovski Paloma Round Drop Earrings

I just bought some new earrings from Gilt and I am absolutely in love with them!  They are Swarovski, of course.  I just love Swarovski earrings.  These are called "Paloma Round Drop Earrings".  They are light pink swarovski crystal surrounded by small clear ones.  They are super light and comfortable - I wore them all day the other day and couldn't even feel them.  Sometimes I had to feel my ears to make sure they were still there!

Here they are:

The light pink crystals are interesting because they kind of reflect whatever the background color is.  That's why they look lighter on me than they do in the box with the dark blue back drop.

Anyway, so I really like the size and style of these earrings.  They can really be dressed up or down.  I feel comfortable wearing them to work or to a night out.  They were on sale on Gilt for $40, down from $75.  But I had credit so I ended up only spending $20 on them.  A great deal!  

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