Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Funday Is Back!

I missed the couple weeks of Sunday Funday posts since I was out of the country, but it is back in full force this week!  Hehe.  I felt like I had to get back into the routine right away, so I went back to the gym the day after I landed.  The plane ride seriously bloated me like a fish.  But I'm happy to report that I got back to pre-vacation weight after a couple days of working out and eating well!  I guess it was just all water weight after all.  =)  I actually feel like all the muscles I've added through weight lifting really increased my metabolism.  Not to mention it feels so great to be in shape when I was out climbing ruins all day.  I was not sore for a single bit the whole entire 2 weeks!

Anyway, so I've had a pretty good workout week this week.  I actually started a new weight program with my husband since I am done with mine.  It's a program that he got from a bodybuilder years ago, and it is actually very similar to the one from New Rules of Lifting for Women.  It consists of supersets and it focuses on primarily one main muscle group a day.  So I think I will do it for a few weeks and see how it goes before venturing onto New Rules of Lifting for Abs!

Monday 7/9
What I did:  A class that consisted of half running/sprinting and half pilates.

What I wore:  Lululemon No Limit tank in flash, with indigo Ebb & Flow crops and New Balance Minimus Road shoes.

After getting back from like 100 degrees to 85 degrees, I felt I needed a jacket as to/from!  So I wore my Principle jacket hehe.

Tuesday 7/10
What I did:  Weight training, focused on shoulders.

I also went back to work on Tuesday, so I took a picture of my work outfit as well.  I wore my new shirt that I bought in Greece, which I haven't had a chance to write about.  Paired with my Tahari Sara skirt, Express belt, and Nine West Ambitious pumps.


Wednesday 7/11 - I took it off the gym as a rest day, but I also took a photo of my work outfit with a new shirt from Greece!  I had a good day of shopping there.  I wore this shirt with my white Express Wide Waistband Editor pants, and my Ivanka Trump Pinkish pumps (even though for some reason I was wearing black ones in this picture).

Thursday 7/12
What I did:  Weight lifting, this time focusing on biceps and abs.

I also took a picture of my work outfit as well from the same day.  Here I wore my Express sleeveless shift dress with a light gray cropped cardigan over.

Friday 7/13 - Was planning on weight lifting again but I was so tired!  I think I was still kind of jet lagged, because I went home and fell asleep by like 9 pm, and slept for 13 hours!  Haha.

Saturday 7/14
What I did:  I went to boxing class and had such a hard workout!  I think my boxing instructor had it out for me for reals.  I almost died, and I really did start seeing stars after one particular round of one-on-one session with him.  I'm so sore today I can barely move... even laughing hurts!  

I also went to play beach volleyball for a couple hours afterwards, which might not have been the best idea in hindsight.  Now on top of everything, my forearms are sore too!

I took my new Modern Vintage High Heel Wedge Sandals out for a spin last night when we went out to dinner and drinks for a friend's birthday.  They were actually very comfortable even though the platforms are so high!  Definitely passed the test.  I wore them with my Forever 21 dress that I bought before I went on my trip.  I had totally forgotten about it!

I really love these shoes, they go with everything!  My outfit today worked with them too.  I wore my Abercrombie Kirstie shorts and my panda going green shirt.  =)

So needless to say, I did not workout today like I had planned to.  I'm just so sore!  I would love to go tomorrow but we'll see!  Usually second day soreness is even worse...


  1. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for mentioning the New Rules of Lifting for Abs on your blog. I was rear-ended by a pickup truck in my lil civic hybrid in January while sitting on the interstate in stopped traffic. Thought I was fine, but after a few days, I couldn't move my back and neck. I started Physical Therapy and am finally getting to the point where I can do some regular exercises and bought this book online after you mentioned it and I read some more about it. My PT is slowly incorporating these exercises into my routine so that I can start a home program on my own and not see him twice a week (still duking it out with the insurance company to cover my therapy visits). I've always been a pretty active person, so this slow recovery is driving me nuts, but finally getting somewhere. Anyway, just wanted to let you know what a big deal it is that I found this book through you and your blog!!!
    Thanks very much, Vanessa

    1. Hi Vanessa,
      Oh my Gosh thank you so much for letting me know about your story! I'm glad that I was able to help during such a horrible situation. From what I've read of New Rules of Lifting for Abs, they really focus on stretching and the core to prevent injuries. I know I don't do that as often as I should so I'm probably an easy case for injuries. That would be so frustrating to have a slow recovery when you're used to being active and fit. I hope your road to recovery is progressing well, and keep us posted on your journey!

    2. Thanks for the well wishes and again, really really appreciate the blog!!

      PS-Just started pilates again with an instructor who works with folks with injuries a lot and is improving my strength and progress exponentially, yay!


  2. I love your Tahari Sara skirt, Express belt, and Nine West Ambitious pumps. Très classe!!


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