Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Funday!

The Olympics started this week!  I am so excited to watch gymnastics.  It is my all time favorite sport to watch, especially at the Olympics.  Although I have every single Olympic coverage set to record, so I'll probably end up watching many different sports!  Very exciting.

I worked out hard this week in the spirit of the Olympics.  I did weight lifting and also started tennis again.  One of my coworkers must really want me to practice with him because he bought me a racket! =D  Well, he said it was for my birthday, which is this coming Wednesday - it is so nice of him!  So now that I'm equipped with a nice racket, I figure I better put in more time to play and practice.  And of course I can't stop weight training.  I'd be pretty happy with 3 days a week of weight training, 1-2 days a week of tennis, and 1 day of a different activities such as boxing or yoga. 

Monday 7/23
What I did:  I went to the gym and worked on weight training for my arms.  I kid you not, by the end of my workout I could barely lift my arms.  It was crazy!

Wednesday 7/24
What I did:  Played tennis.

What I wore:  Lululemon Stuff Your Bra tank in fossil/flash, CW-X Pro tights, and Adidas Adizero Adios 2 shoes.  I didn't think this was possible but I am even more impressed with these Adidas shoes!  They were great for tennis!  Last time I played, I wore my Nike Frees and they were just horrible.  My feet kept falling out on both sides and I got blisters from it.  The adidas shoes, while still minimal, have great support and I didn't feel a thing!  They are seriously the best shoes I've ever owned.

I wore my new Zella Stripey Melange Hoodie as to/from.  I like this one a lot.

Thursday 7/25
What I did:  Weight training - legs day.

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in aruba, and coal Team Spirit crops with New Balance shoes again.  In this picture, Whiskey took my usual spot and pushed me over.  =)

Friday 7/26 - rest day, went out to party instead.  More fun than working out I guess!

Saturday 7/27 
What I did:  Tennis again.

What I wore:  Lululemon currant Energy bra with my white jacquard mesh cool racerback over, and coal Run: Jog skirt and adidas shoes of course.  

Ok, I posted this on my facebook page, but the currant Energy bra is a major bleeder!  Here are the pictures to prove:

Front damage

Back view

I thought currant would be ok because I never had problems with my currant cool racerback from the last batch that was released.  I wore it with my white Flow Y bra all the time and nothing ever happened.  So I just assumed that currant was not a bleeder.  However, this was so bad that it pretty much completely destroyed my tank!  I washed it with stain remover yesterday and it didn't come out completely.  Now it's been soaking in Oxyclean for about 24 hours.  I may try washing it again with stain remover later tonight, and if still no luck, then keep soaking in Oxyclean.  I love this tank, and they have come and gone of course, so I can't even replace it.  I'm very upset about this because this is a sports bra.  Sure it was hot out and I played for about an hour, but isn't that what sports bras are for???  If last batch was ok in this color, what went wrong this time?  It's ridiculous for any sports gear to bleed in heat especially when they cost as much as Lululemon charges.  I've never had issues with their products until recently (maybe in the past 6 months or so), but this is definitely making me think twice.  I don't want to have to think about what color to pair everything with based on whether I think it will bleed or not.  I posted this on their facebook page, but haven't heard anything yet.  Not happy!!!

Sunday 7/28
What I did:  Weight lifting - worked on back today.  I was impressed that I went to the gym after eating a lot with my mom this morning.  She came to visit this weekend, and we've been eating yummy food together!

What I wore:  I tried the new Lululemon Scoop Me Up tank in caspian blue, with deep indigo Ebb & Flow crop, and Nike Frees.  I actually really like this tank.  It's a very flattering cut, and the long length is nice.  It stayed in place well the whole time and did not bother my neck like the old Scoop Neck tanks did.  So that's a winner in my books.  I'm actually still wearing it now as I type this.

My mom wanted to buy me a birthday cake today, but when we were at the bakery, we decided to get some other little desserts too.  Look how cute this Hello Kitty red velvet cup cake is!

Actually it's so cute that I don't even want to eat it!  Hehe.  Alright it's time for me to go watch some more Olympics!  I hope everyone is enjoying your weekend, and looking forward to Monday!  (Ok, just kidding about the last part!)


  1. I am soooo bummed about the currant energy bra!!!! I bought it too and was about to take the tags off...hmm why lulu why? I have the exact same white mesh racerback and love it. already wore a cheap-o hot pink sports bra with it from Marshalls and it was a bleeder. luckily was able to salvage it but don't want to risk it again. I'll be interested to hear about lulu's response. out of curiosity had you washed it first? just wondering if it bleeds even after being washed.

    1. I did not wash it before I wore it. I guess I wasn't thinking, but I thought currant was safe...

    2. I would have done the same - just glad you posted about it so I know to wash it first. still debating on keeping or not though - love the color but worried it will bleed even after washing :( The new angel blue is tempting me although it is not a color I usually would choose so not sure it will match with a whole lot? Happy belated b-day from a fellow Leo!

    3. Thank you! Happy bday month to you too! =D

      I love angel blue, but I want it in a tank, not a bra. I prefer really bright colors in my sports bras....

  2. it was such a cute outfit too!!!

  3. Another bleeder!!!! This is really out of control. Lululemon's recently released statement about quality control isn't good enough: they need to actually test this stuff out before releasing it. I'm terrified to buy anything that is not black, white, or grey.

  4. Black pacesetter skirts have been bleeding so really it is only safe to buy white!

  5. So sorry about your tank. I love my white jacquard tank too. Hope you salvage it. Is your Bday on Wed? My younger kid has the same bday of Aug 1st! I'm surrounded by Leos: my 2 kids & my hubby.

    1. Yep my bday is Aug 1st too!! Sounds like we would get along... haha!

  6. Not sure if it's too late but you can try resolve carpet cleaner (spray). I have used it to get many stains out of clothes. I don't know about dye but it's worth a shot. So sorry :(

    1. Thanks for the tip! It's been soaking in Oxyclean for about 36 hours now... and the stain is *almost* all the way out. There are some very faint lines left that perhaps only I can see if I look up close. But I am going to keep soaking and hopefully it will all come out completely later! But now I think at least I can wear it without people really noticing, so I'm very relieved!

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