Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cute Splendid Dresses!

I recently bought a few different items from a Splendid sale on Gilt including 3 dresses which I love!  I think Splendid has such cute styles.  Maybe it's because I live in Southern California, but I'm really into this casual luxury thing - "California chic" or whatever you call it.

So first, I got this Knit Tie Sleeve Dress in color called "red multi".  I really like this combination of stripe colors.

The material of this dresses is made of hemp and cotton blend, and it doesn't really wrinkle.  It looks quite a bit longer on me than on the model since I'm sure I'm a few inches shorter.  But it's very comfortable on and a very nice and easy thing to throw on.  The ties on the sleeves and around the waist are functional.  You can dress it up with heels or down with flats.  Here is how it looks on me, I could tie the sleeves into a bow, but it came dangled like this so that is how I left it.  And apparently my Modern Vintage wedges are all that I wear to model things in now.   Seriously love these.  =)

So I really like this dress, but the price is probably still a bit high for what you get - a casual dress.  The Gilt price was $69, down from retail of $128.  Oh well, I like it and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this dress so I'm keeping it.

I also got this Jersey Knit Shirred Neck dress in 2 colors - gray and white.  I originally wanted to get only one color but could not decide which one.  So I got them both to try.  But when I received them and put them on, it was even harder to decide!  Ahh, it must be a sign that I should just keep both.  =)  These dresses are $59 each, down from $101.  They are made of super comfy pima cotton and modal.  And the gray one has a waist band that is exactly the same pattern as the above stripped dress.

On me


On me

So these dresses fit me tighter than the model, especially around the butt/hips.  I actually really like the look of fitted bottom and looser top.  They are super comfortable, and if you eat a little too much at dinner, nobody will be able to tell... LOL!  What I also really like about these dresses is that they are kind of right in the middle as far as dressy-ness goes.  They can be dressed up with heels, and they can also be worn as beach cover up.  The white one is a little bit see-through though, so I have to make sure that I wear nude colored underwear.  But I like white right now since I have a tan still!  I think the contrast colored waistbands really make these dresses stand out.  So they don't look just like normal cotton dresses.

The next 2 items I ordered will be going back.  I got these white linen cargo pants that I thought were very promising, but they are wayyyy see-through, and they keep falling off my butt when I bent over.  Not a good thing, especially at $69.  I also got this jersey knit cowl neck top in nice lavender multi print, but I think it fits me weird.  Like it's too short or something, and definitely not worth $39.

Here is a picture of them on me together:

I think the top looks so much cuter on the model!

These pants also looked so promising.  But oh well..

Well, 3 cute things out of 5 is not too bad, and I get to get some money back and spend on other cute things in the future.  =)


  1. The dresses look adorable on you! I've been trying to find a good pair of white pants, and I've had no luck either. :/

    Happy birthday! (if I can say that without looking like a stalker, you mentioned in yesterday's post read today)

  2. I think the white dress looks amazing on you! Happy b-day!

  3. Waou super jolie! i love your dress but i prefer the first "red multi". The red is a adorable colour on you!!


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