Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Samsung 32" LED-LCD HDTV

I finally got myself a TV for the bedroom.  Something about being able to watch TV or a movie in bed, especially on a cold day when you have nothing to do, is just divine.  I actually went to Best Buy for a new dish washer - the water doesn't come into mine for some reason, not sure if it's the pump or the dish washer that's broken.  But I didn't see any dish washers I liked, so I wandered over to the TV section instead and saw the Samsung 32" LED-LCD HDTV on sale for only $350!  There were other LED-LCD TVs that were the same size for lower prices, or bigger size for about the same price.  But I think Samsung makes the best TVs so it's the best bang for the buck.  For my bedroom I think a 32" is the perfect size.

So I've had this TV for a couple weeks now, and it is awesome!  It is sooooo light and thin, like all LED TVs are, I can easily carry it myself.  The picture quality is amazing too.  I have a bigger LCD TV in my living room but I think this one actually has clearer picture.  That's probably the LED difference.  I love that they are more energy efficient too!  

I think the sale price for this TV is a really good deal.  Actually when I was at Best Buy deciding between TVs, I saw about 5 different people come by and pick it up.  So I actually ended up getting the last one they had in stock at that location.  

So needless to say, I am very happy with this new TV.  It's great to be able to watch all my shows from my bedroom when my fiance wants to watch ESPN in the living room.  We have DirecTV with multiple recorders in different rooms, so we can watch everything we record from any of the rooms - pause on one and continue on another, I love that!  And it gives us room to record 6 different shows per hour vs. the regular 2. 

Not that I need more reasons to waste time watching TV, but I have lots of shows that I love!  I recently got into HBO Go, and could not believe how awesome it is!  It has all episodes/seasons of HBO shows and movies that you can watch at any time and it's free as long as you have HBO at home.  It's almost like NetFlix for HBO which you can stream everything right there and then.  I would have signed up for an account sooner, but I thought you could only use it on an iPad for some reason.  But you can actually use it on the iPhone as well as on the computer.  However, when I watch shows on my phone, I can connect to my Apple TV and have the sound come out of the TV, but not the picture.  That is the only lame part.  Why would I want to watch something on my phone but have the sound come out of my TV?  It feels very weird.  The only way to transfer picture onto the TV through HBO Go is by connecting the laptop to the TV and using the TV as a monitor.

Ok that was way too much digression!  Can you tell I'm a nerd?  Hehe.  I love technology!  And back to my original point, if you are in need of a TV, I highly recommend this Samsung! 


  1. Our flatscreen is a Samsung too. We were advised at the time that it was the best for gaming, of which my husband enjoys a fair bit.

    We just have the one flatscreen though, and it is down in the den, aka "Manland". The rest of our TV's are just the regular ones. Once they start to go, though, we will be replacing them with flatscreens.

  2. Totally agree with you, Samsung are the best! We have a 46" Samsung LED and it's fabulous, very glad we bought it.

  3. @Becky: If you need a replacement, get this one!!! It's awesome! And the price is right.

    @Running in Lulu: Nice! I think I eventually will replace my living room flat screen with a bigger Samsung LED. It works perfectly now so I don't feel the need to go spend the money on a new one, and hopefully by the time I need one, the LED prices will come down! Hehe


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