Sunday, June 26, 2011

Badgley Mischka Dreamy Flower T-Strap Sandal

I went to the mall today to meet with a friend and as I was leaving the Kiehl's counter with my refill of Creme de Corp lotion, I happened to stumble upon Bloomingdale's shoe sale section.  I have serious shoe addiction, and I have also been looking for the perfect pair of nuptial shoes.  But I don't want to wear white shoes with a white dress, and I'm super indecisive so I've been having trouble.  I've actually seen Badgley Mischka's Dreamy sandals on Hautelook and some other sites like that before but I couldn't decide if they were "the one" so I never bought them.  But today when I saw them at Bloomingdale's in person, they looked much cuter than in pictures.  And when I put them on, I fell in love with them.  And they were on sale from like $225 to $92.  So I had to buy them.  Even if I don't end up wearing them for the wedding, I could still use them for a fancier night out.  But I think unless something amazing comes along, I will probably wear them for the wedding!

The only 2 colors Bloomies had were nude and black.  I know they also come in white and pink.  I might have preferred the pink if they were available, but I went with the nude.

So for some reason, the pair I bought have mostly the sheer organza pieces on top of the feet, so you don't really see the leather "leaves" or whatever.  I actually like them better that way.  They look very feminine and whimsical.  The name "Dreamy" fits them perfectly.  The reason I hesitated when I saw them online before was because I am usually not a fan of sandals that have a strap across the ankle.  Most of the time I feel like they make my legs look shorter because the horizontal strap cuts them off.  But I actually don't have a problem with these.  I got them in my normal size 6 and they fit perfectly.  I don't think they are the most comfortable shoes, as they are 4 inches high and do not have any cushion on the sole, but they do not pinching my feet or anything so I think I could wear them all night.  

Though I must say, I almost walked out of Bloomies without these shoes since the shoe guy that was helping me was so weird.  He kept giving me attitude one minute and then calling me "sexy princess" the next minute.  Wtf??  It's like he couldn't decide whether to be nice to me or rude.  Plus it's just creepy to call your customer that.  I really didn't want him to get the commission from my business.  But a quick search on bloomingdales website on my iPhone yielded only a size 9.5 black pair left, and higher prices on other sites, so I had to suck it up and give him my money.


  1. Gorgeous Shoes!!!!! Gorgeous!!

    However, if a salesperson EVER had the audacity to call me "Sexy Princess" or anything else, I would seriously lose it. Also, I would have spoken to the Store Manager and filed a complaint. Stuff like that really makes me mad!!

  2. Hahahahaa, sorry but that's kinda funny. It reminds me of when waiters/waitresses call you pet names. "Do you need some more water, sweet pea?"--really?! lol. People with those jobs are usually not very educated and often lacking common sense/manners... but since his job is customer service, then it's time for him to get a clue. If he made you uncomforable, then it's not a bad idea to complain. Plus, if you play your cards right, you might be able to get some compensation.. :)

  3. Ok--fill me in on the creme de corps refills!! I just buy new I missing something??? :) Thanks!!

  4. Hahaha I was in a hurry to get out of the store to meet with another friend for dinner so I let it go. Whatever!

    @Anon: That is what I meant by refill - buying a new bottle. Haha, sorry for the confusion! I wish they had a big bottle in the back that I can use to fill my old bottles! Some places do that with shampoo and conditioner. But I don't see them doing that at Bloomies!

  5. @ MSE:

    I was totally expecting a blog post about True Blood...... :)

  6. Hehe Yeah.... I meant to but the first episode really wasn't all that exciting for me. I hope the show is not going to be completely different. My new obsession is Game of Thrones. Have you seen it? It's the BEST show on TV right now! Hahaha.

    I did, however, see Tara's Lululemon speed shorts on TB though!

  7. I hope to watch Game of Thrones on demand over the summer. I haven't read the books though, have you?

  8. I haven't read the books either but I want to get them soon. You should get HBO Go! It's amazing... Has all the shows (all episodes all seasons), movies, etc. It has everything!


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