Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bad Purchases Lately!

Apparently I've been making bad decisions with my online purchases lately!  I was checking out the Guess website, for reasons unknown even to myself.  I don't think I ever really shopped at Guess and I can't even remember that last time I stepped into a Guess store.  But for some reason I was on their site looking at the shoe section.  I am on the hunt for some cute shoes for my upcoming wedding.  They actually have lots of interesting looking shoes on sale right now, but most of them are out of stock in my size.  I saw the Riselan boots and thought they were pretty cute, and I could wear them over jeans or with skirts / dresses.

When they arrived, they looked very cute and the the leather is extremely nice and soft.  I thought they'd have a rather wide shaft for a slouchy fit, but they were actually pretty tight!  Especially the top over the knee part kind of cut into the skin right above my knees.  It looked so bad and frankly very "hookerish".  Needless to say, these were going back.

I also ordered these L'erba "Platinum Zen" duvet and sham on Ruelala.  I kind of feel like switching up my bedroom decor, and they looked promising.  I have sheets in the exact shade to match the whole ensemble, and the price was not bad.

I always take screen shots of the descriptions Ruelala puts up for stuff I buy from them, just in case something happens with my order.  And to prove that I'm not crazy, here are the screen shots I took for the "duvet and sham".  Notice how on both the item description (right below), and the detailed description on the 2nd screen shot below both state "Duvet & Sham". 

So when I received the package, I opened it up and only found the duvet!  I called Ruelala thinking that they forgot to send me the shams, but nooooo, apparently this was only for the duvet!  If I wanted the shams, I had to buy them separately.  Their "concierge" I spoke with was very snippy and told me that was how their "boutique" works, you always have to pay attention and buy items separately, even though the title and description of the item both state otherwise.  Ok maybe if I were to really think about it, I would have selected the duvet, then the shams.  But when I saw additional sham selection at the time, I totally thought that was for buying extra shams, like if I wanted 4 instead of 2.  So after a while he finally agreed with me that it was misleading, and said it was ok to refund me.  I asked him to also refund me shipping which he grudgingly agreed, saying this would be a "one time exception".  And next time, I was supposed to "pay more attention".  I told him, how about next time you put the description up in a clear and understandable manner!  Ugh!  I've shopped at Ruelala many times before and I haven't had an issue till now.  But I am less than impressed with the way they handled it.  Even though they did refund me, they basically blamed it on me and acted like they were doing me a favor by refunding me.  Whatever!  I will think twice from now on before making another purchase from them.


  1. Bad customer service abounds these days! With the way the economy is, and people scrounging for jobs, it just shocks me. Half the time, with online sites like Ruelala, all they have to do is be good at customer service! There's no physical store, there's no one who's supposed to wait around for you as you try stuff on, so all the employees have to do is make sure customers are satisfied in a reasonable, non-rude way and yet... sometimes they fail at that! I've been impressed with Gilt's customer service. Then again, they are the pricest of the Gilt/Hautelook/Ruelala set so maybe that's why. That's my little CS rant ;o) I'm a broke graduate student but I'm still willing to pay a little extra knowing that the CS will be good if something weird happens. After all, shopping isn't just about getting stuff, it's an experience.

  2. Wow - I thought I was the only person who took screen shots of their online purchases! I stopped shopping at all those sites because I was spending way too much money on stuff I didn't need... And the return policies are ridiculous.


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