Monday, June 20, 2011

Pink Lotus Drawstring Hem Sweater

I made one purchase from the Green Dragon and Pink Lotus sale on Hautelook a couple weeks ago.  I have been hooked on their stuff ever since I first ordered it from Hautelook almost a year ago.  So I kind of had to buy something when I saw it again.  I didn't see anything super eye-catching, so I just got this drawstring hem sweater.  I can't believe how cute it is on, and not to mention super comfy!  I was practically living in it all weekend!

Really I think the model pictures don't do the top justice.  It is a loose fit, but somehow very flattering.  It's a thin and very soft material which almost reminds me of a really nice towel on the inside.  The drawstring is made of this cloth fabric that doesn't have any stretch to it, and I guess I could do without it.  But it makes the top a bit more interesting I suppose.  The bottom band doesn't have any elastic in it, so if I were to remove the tie, it would hang straight down past my butt.  I think it definitely looks better tied up a little bit.  I just have to remember that it doesn't have any stretch, so I have to make sure to tie exactly where I want it.   The thickness of the fabric is really perfect for the weather right now when it's not too cold out but a little too chilly to go outside a short sleeve.  I also loved it for lounging around the house this weekend too.  Too bad I cooked with it on and managed to splash some sauce on it!  But I think it will come off.

I think I have 3 pieces of clothing from Green Dragon / Pink Lotus before this one, and I've loved every single one of them.  They make some really great stuff!!!


  1. I bought this top too! I was so excited. Unfortunatly it arrived on a broken hanger that put a hole in the sleeve! I don't know what to do. I don't want to return it because I can't exchange it for a new one :(

  2. OMG I almost bought that too!!! But I ended up getting one of those v-neck blue and white tie dye dresses instead. I'll let you know how it fits! It should be arriving at my doorstep today, yay!

    Plus it was hard to justify a sweater this time of year when it's 95 degrees outside here every day ;)

  3. @Anon: Oh no! I've had stuff arrive on a broken hanger before but never torn. Is it a small enough hole that you can easily fix it? If so, I'd keep it but call Hautelook to see if you can get some kind of credit/money back. Doesn't hurt to ask! If the hole is unrepairable then maybe just have to return it? =( That sucks though.

    @strawb3rries: Hehe I was wondering if we got the same stuff! I'm wearing mine now and loving it! I don't remember the particular dress you bought, but definitely send a pic! =)

  4. Hi Ladies!

    I'm work for Green Dragon & Pink Lotus and am so thrilled to see you're love for our pieces!! @strawb3rries we especially love the pics you posted of you in the kimono dress!

    We'd love to hear more from you...Don't be a stranger!


  5. @strawb3rries: That looks so cute on you! I don't remember even seeing that dress... and you look EXACTLY like a friend of mine from years ago - scary similar! Hehe.

    @Justine: Thanks for stopping by! I do plan to collect more of your pieces because everything I've bought has been so comfy and cute, I'm hooked! =)


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