Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Betsey Johnson Earrings

I'm not that big of a jewelry person, but I do love earrings.  I feel like they can dress an outfit up instantly and they can show a lot of personality.  I'm a big fan of Betsey Johnson earrings, because they are so funky and fun!  To me they are kind of like Juicy Couture jewelry, but with a darker edge and not as teenage girl-like.  I love all my Betsey Johnson earrings and always go back for more.  The price point is usually $30-$50 a pair, so I can get tons of different ones and not feel overly indulgent.  A lot of her earrings are mismatched which I think is really cool.  I have these asymmetrical dice / key / bow and other dangley earrings that I love to pieces.

I went to the store again, mostly to get a present for a friend's bday coming up.  She likes skulls and monkeys and things like that, but she's also girly at the same time.  So I figured Betsey Johnson would be perfect.  And of course while I was there, I had to pick up a pair of earrings for myself.  I tried them out and I think they might be a new favorite!  They are very light so it feels like I don't have anything on.  Sometimes when I have heavier earrings on, my ears hurt after a few hours.

Anyway, they are called the Tulip Hook Earrings:

I love how she always combines feminine touches with darker edge.  Too bad I can only wear Betsey Johnson earrings when I go out.  They are just too much for my work.  Boooo

I got my friend the Rhinestone Skull with Rose Drop Earrings which I wouldn't wear personally, but I still think are really fun:

I think these are the absolute perfect thing for her so I'm pretty happy with this little find!  I also was able to get 10% off my purchase because I'm in their system and have signed up for email distribution.  So I ended up paying like $80 for both after tax, which I can't complain! 

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