Friday, January 21, 2011

White No Limit Tank - Size 4 and 6 Comparison

Ok I got my size 6 white No Limit Tank that I ordered online yesterday.  I've been trying it on back and forth with my size 4 and comparing the difference.  I think the bra straps are a tiny bit looser in the 6, but not much difference from the 4.  Most of the difference in sizing is in the width of the bra.  Size 6 is looser and not as supportive as the 4.  But the major difference in the two sizes is the bottom band.  The size 6 is a lot looser than the size 4.  Also the size 6 is longer, therefore there's a little bit more excess material on the bottom.  But not bad.  It actually looks similar to the aruba No Limit tank, so that one must run larger.

I took some pictures but I had to use the front facing camera (not as high pixel as the back camera) on my iphone while trying to position it, so they didn't turn out so great!  You get the idea though...

Size 4

Size 6
Aruba size 4

So yeah, since the difference in the straps aren't that much, I'm inclined to keep my size 4 for more support.  But what I'm gonna do is wear it around the house for like 2 hours with the tag on.  And if I feel ok then I can keep it. 


  1. I did the same thing with my coal/purple crush one. I bought the aruba in size 4, but then had to try both 4 and 6 in the coal. I ended up keeping the 6 (but the bra straps on the 4 were pretty uncomfortable) so there must be some discrepancy in the sizing of these.

  2. Yeah... Interesting about the coal one... I tried it on in size 4 along with the Aruba the other day and did not notice the straps being any tighter. But with the white one I felt it as soon as I put it on. I'm planning on going to the store tomorrow so maybe I'll try more on if they still have them lol...

  3. I think you look great in both, but I like the way the 4 fits you better throughout the body, so good choice on keeping that one if you do indeed keep it.
    Hopefully the straps stretch out a bit. I haven't received mine in the mail yet and wonder if it will fit just like yours. Wait and see game. :)

  4. Let me know how yours fits you Angela. I think I will keep the 4. I wore it for like 3 or 4 hours last night and I felt ok, though I did have a little indent on my shoulders from the straps after taking it off. I already returned the 6 this morning. I guess if I don't like it anymore later on, it will be easy to re-sell to someone who's desperately looking for one!

  5. I wear a size 8 myself and also picked it up in aruba and white so interesting to read your findings. I'm usually an 8 on top because of the bra sizing and feel a lot more supported in the white size 8 vs. the aruba 8. I'm definitely keeping the white for that reason but am on the fence with the aruba size 8. I know that the size 6 will be too small in the bra so I will try wearing it around the house to see... love the colour though and it would be a shame to return...

  6. I know exactly what you mean! It WOULD be a shame to return them. Hehe. I wore my white one to work out in today and it was fine so I hope the straps will be a non-issue for me. The aruba one is definitely looser. I can't wait to wear that one because it's sooo comfortable!

  7. I was wondering how the white straps were feeling on your no limit? I am usually a 6 and have 3 other no limits in this size from previous releases but the Aruba in size 6 just had too much excess fabric, it didn't look as good. I went to return it and they had a 4. I bought it and have been wearing it around the house for 2 hours. There is a little indentation from the strap (which I never have in any other Lulu Tank) but the bra part isn't too snug and it looks great. I was wondering if your white one was feeling better? I am trying to decide if I should keep this or return it. I really want to keep it and keep telling myself the strap indentation isn't that bad. It's not like it hurts. Most of the time I'll only be wearing it for 1 - 2 hours in the gym. They just came out with the push ur limits in aruba and I could get that instead or I might end up getting it too even though I already have a CRB in Aruba. How many aruba tanks do I think I need. Thanks for the input.

  8. Haha that's exactly what I thought to myself when I decided to keep the white one. I think the straps on the aruba one on you is probably similar to how the white one's straps feel on me. I mean, yes they make an indent on my shoulders after a while, but it's not horrible. I wore it for a few hours the other day while working out and was able to ignore that. The straps won't really stretch out though, I don't think. I love aruba too. I don't normally buy more than one top in any color because I like variety, but if you will wear them all, then go for it!


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