Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lululemon Run: Ambition Pullover & Some Shorts

My Lululemon order that I placed the day after Christmas finally came today.  I actually planned to go to the store that day, but when I woke up, I decided to check online instead and I ended up getting what I wanted and didn't have to go fight the crowd!  Then I stayed home and played with my Apple TV all day. 

Since I missed out on the Post Run Pullover, I was really happy to see the Run: Ambition Pullover.  They pretty much look the same, minus some trim details.  Except the Ambition is a technical top made of brushed power luxtreme.  Even better!  I liked the snorkel blue one, but I already have my Spirit Pullover in bright blue, which is very similar so I didn't want another.  I liked the white one also, but I know it would get dirty fast.  I have a white Energy Pullover and the part of the cuffs right under the wrists kind of turned a little greyish and I can't wash it out.  That's just what happens to white long sleeves I guess.  So those two colors were out for me.  Then I couldn't decide between passion and black, so I ordered both.  I have a few tanks in passion.  But this top showed up more orangey than I thought.  I actually compared it with my Push Ur Limits tank in passion side by side because I know that the same color in different fabrics or batches can look different.  I found that the colors of my tank and the Ambition pullover were almost identical, with the Push tank being a tiny bit more red.  I'm not sure if I like passion being a long sleeve top.  It's kind of too much.  The black one is just black.  I don't know if I'm 100% happy with that either.  Most of my bottoms are black, and I really don't want to sport the ninja look.  I only have 2 tanks that are black and I never wear them.  I always think that I would feel like wearing more muted tops one day, but that almost never happens.  I'm a bright and colorful girl!  Hmmm.  I wish the Ambition Pullover came in the very violet color that the Post Run came in.  That would have been perfect...

Ok my fiance is not home tonight, so I had to resort to taking pictures of these two pullovers with my iPhone.  Ignore my messy closet behind me.  =)

Passion on me
black on me

Here are the stock pictures from the Lululemon website of these two colors:

Other than the colors, I really do love the way this pullover fits.  It fits on the looser side, but I think it's supposed to be that way.  So I would say it's true to size.  The cute kangaroo pocket is pretty roomy, and it has a little mesh card holder built on the inside.  Like a pocket within a pocket.  I like that a lot because I'm always afraid I'd lose things I put in my kangaroo pockets.  This way I can keep a credit card or some cash in it without having to worry that it would fall out.  The length of this top is on the longer side too which is great.  At first I was worried that the big collar and hood would be bothersome while running, but I found a continuous drawstring inside the collar that you can tie the hood around.

The cuffs are interesting.  I guess they are called "tuckins" which is like inside out cuffins.  Hard to explain so I took a picture.

See, you can put your fingers inside the "tuckins" and still use the thumb hole.  Or you can choose to not use the tuckins, then it would just be an extra piece of fabric against the sleeve.

Then of course there's the reflective details on the arms as well as the back pocket, which is about the same size as most Lululemon run pullovers.

So I think I will definitely keep one of the colors.  Unless a new and better color comes out before the return period is up.  I think this is one of the more versatile pullover styles, because I can use it running as well as casual wear.  I mean, it just looks like a hoodie!  And it's soft and comfy.  I just really have to decide which color I'm keeping.  

The shorts I'm wearing while taking these photos are actually new too.  They are the Effortless Short in heathered clarity gray that I bought off of the sale section for $19.  That's the most I'd pay for a pair of cotton "hang out at home" sweat shorts.  I think they look kind of ugly on the model.  But I just really needed some shorts to wear around the house.  They turned out a lot cuter than I thought.  But I did have to fold them up to make them shorter.  Otherwise they are kind of an awkward length.  You can't see in the pictures, but there is a zipper pocket on one of the butt cheeks. 

And lastly, I also got a pair of the Boogie Short in static charcoal / wish blue.  I've been wanting to get some Boogie Shorts for a while now, but didn't feel like paying $48 for them at regular price.  I like the color combo of these, and they were on sale for $29.  I bought them in size 6 because they didn't have a 4.  But it's pretty much the same as how a 4 fits - I've tried on both sizes in store before.  I don't plan to wear them outside of the house, unless I get into fighting shape then I might consider lol...  I just really wanted them as pajamas actually.  I wear Cool Racerbacks (my fav is the static very violet because it's sooooo soft) to sleep in every night, and they are great.  So now I got a whole outfit!  I don't look as booty-licious as her though.  Hahaha.

I was kind of hoping for more stuff to hit the sales section though.  Like I really wanted either the purple or pink Inspire Jacket which I tried on in store and loved.  But did not think I would use it enough to pay $158 or whatever.  Well of course it's been raining here tons and that jacket would've come in handy.  And now it's nowhere to be found.  I seem to remember last year during the holidays Lululemon had great sales on their website.  I got bras for like $5.  And there were tons of $3 underwear, $19 tanks, etc.  So I was rather disappointed this year.  Maybe more will be uploaded later.  I can always hope!


  1. I think the Passion Pullover one looks best on you, however, you should keep whichever one you feel most comfortable.

    I was disappointed in the loot sale also, was hoping for more items and better markdowns!

  2. I like the Passion one on you best too. Black is really nice but it would have to be paired with Coal tights.

  3. Definitely the Passion - Black looks blah and boring, the Passion goes well with your hair color too! :)

  4. I vote for passion, too! It's fun! I ended up getting the Run:Resolution pullover in passion microstripe and it's really fun :)

  5. I have a senorita pink inspire jacket size 4 for sale (only worn once for 15 minutes to pick up my kids). $100 + shipping - let me know if you're interested. Nancy

  6. I love that pullover. I agree with the others, the passion is best. You look totally cute in it. I would get myself one, but I'm lulu poor right now :(

  7. Thanks guys! I do feel black is a bit boring as well. I just wish we had a few more color options! Whatever happened to Ivy? I would love to have something in that color besides my Bon Voyage Duffel!

    @Nancy: Thanks! Can you email me?

    @Andrea: I totally understand what you mean... Lulu really puts a damage on my credit card bills too! =)

  8. The pullover looks great on you! While out of town at my parents (and too busy to think about shopping) it seems I completely missed out on the Ambition pullover!! I agree those shorts did not look so great on the model - they look good on though and not bad for $19!.

  9. I ordered this pullover in 2 colors - black and white. I ended up returning the white one (b/c I felt guilty purchasing 2)- but I later regretted this after wearing the black one for the day. I loove the Ambition - I have several other pullover styles -- and this is by far my favorite: soft brushed luxtreme; waistband; kangaroo pocket; hood; attractive fit; warm; no zipper but easy to pull on...I could go on!!! I though the neck on it would be weird, buts it not at all in person. Personally - I like the black one on you - but I'm not much of a color gal - I just think black never goes out of style and can be worn an any age. I live in a little colder climate so I will be able to wear this, and run in it a lot!!!!

  10. This pullover is SO flattering. I love mine! Ran 7+ miles in it today and it was super nice in light mist/drizzle. Both colors look great on you!

  11. I agree, very flattering and soft top. I haven't taken tags off either yet. Waiting to see if new colors are coming out but doesn't look like it. I think I'm keeping the passion one but who knows.. I change my mind every minute. I need to take it out on a run and test it out! It won't be cold here for that much longer. But then I can just use it as a hoodie. =)

  12. Did you stay TTS? I usually wear a 6 but that size was baggy. I got the 4 but now I feel it might be too snug. My store still has a few so luckily I can exchange it tomorrow.

  13. What did you end up keeping?!?!?!?! Inquiring minds want to know:)

    If you never got around to returning one and you don't want both, you have a reader here who would be happy to take it off your hands;)

  14. I ended up keeping the passion one and returned the black to the store! Funny you should say that... I almost forgot completely about taking one back to the store within the time frame, and had to have my fiance do it for me (he works pretty close to a store). Did you miss out on ordering one? I hate it when that happens... Maybe these will come out in a new color??

  15. I DID miss out! I was traveling that day, and by something like 4pm, they were goooone. I'm really hoping for a coal color. If not, there's usually something amazing around the corner anyway:)

  16. I want an ambition pullover !! Wish I hadn't missed out


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