Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Swarovski Stonehenge Gold and Crystal Drop Earrings

Ok I guess I'm now a fan of Swarovski jewelry since I keep buying them on Gilt.  My latest order came through and I loooooove them!  I'm not that big of a jewelry person.  But I do love earrings.

The Stonehenge Gold and Crystal Drop Earrings:

I don't think the picture really does them justice.  They are so sparkly and pretty in person!  They are about 1.5 inches long and half an inch wide, and relatively light weight - I was a little worried that they would be heavy and weigh down my ears so phew!  It's got 23K gold plated base metal with the gold colored crystals.  The crystals are actually a very light gold color, and pretty transparent.  They look so pretty with dark brown hair.  When I bought them I thought they would be strictly night time earrings.  But I think I can rock them during the day too.  The Swarovski's site says: "Wear it during the day or to an evening gala. Bold and elegant, the earrings instantly create a sophisticated, classy look."  I must agree!  Hehe.

And the best part is, I got them for free since I had Gilt credit!  They weren't too expensive on Gilt anyway, at $45 vs. $95 retail.  They are actually still on Swarovski's website for full price.  So I feel like these were definitely a deal.  I like.  

So happy about these and can't wait to wear them out! 


  1. I made my first gilt purchase and I need to return it (defective)- do I only get a merchandise credit? how smooth do the returns go? do I have to pay for return shipping?
    I figure you're the expert at gilt by now : )

  2. Such pretty earrings! I enjoy seeing the different things you buy, as a lot of these items and companies we are not able to get here in Canada, many companies won't ship to us up here in the Great White North!

  3. Those earrings are gorgeous! I really like the silver/grey ones they have on the Swarovski website... I know you've mentioned that site before, but what is Gilt and how does it work?

  4. @Anon: I've only returned one thing to Gilt before and it was defective as well. I just called them and told them that it was defective, and they were really good about it. They emailed me a return shipping label right away, and refunded me as soon as they received it, even though it was a "final sale" item. I think normally you can only return for credit, if at all, but when it's defective, they definitely refund you. That sucks that your first experience was a defective item!

    @Becky: That sucks they don't ship to Canada... maybe I should start a business and ship to Canada? lol...

    @Jennifer: Gilt gets different designer items for a day or two at a time, and sells them at a big discount. There is limited quantity to each item, so a lot of times the really popular or deeply discounted items sell out within a minute or two at the start of sale everyday (starts at 9 am PST). But they let you know what brands are coming up each week so if there is a brand you really love, you can always mark your calendar and get on the site right when it starts in order to grab your first choice items! They also have an iphone app which I've used as well. I've bought tons of stuff off of Gilt and have had really good experience with them every time. Shipping could be a bit slow, because I believe Gilt gets the items from the designers first and then ships them to you. So the shipping time really depends - I've waited anywhere from a week or so to a month or longer. But normally when you buy something, the description part gives you an estimated shipping time. You know the stuff is 100% authentic, and you have protection to get money back if there's shipping problems or defective items. I think Gilt has the most high end items than the other copy cat sites out there. If you are thinking about giving them a try, I'd definitely recommend them! It's always great to get things for much cheaper than retail... hehehe.

  5. HI,
    I have just lost my pair of those crystal earrings and they were a gift from someone very special to me,So IF you ever want to sell your earring I would love to hear from you.
    bye for now,

  6. Hi Anne,

    Sorry for the late response as I've been traveling in Europe. But if you still want them, then sure I will sell them to you. I haven't wore them at all actually, so they are still brand new in the box they came in. Sounds like you will get better use out of them than having them sit in my closet. =) I know how it feels to lose something with sentimental value. Let me know if you are still interested!

    1. Hi, Yes I am still interested in buying the earings, what price are you thinking ?
      bye for now,

  7. Hi,
    just in case you've not sold them... I'm really interested in since I've lost one of my gorgeous earrings :(

    Please let me know and if still available I'll send you my contacts

    best regards,

  8. Like this one, I now want to buy a crystal jewelry, Swarovski liked, but I do not know that a good pick money, you help to the point.charms


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