Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shu Uemura Cleaning Oil & Soft Cross Lashes

I am really upset that Shu Uemura is no longer being sold in the US.  I guess L'Oreal, who owns 20% of Shu, decided to pull it out of all US stores earlier this year.  So now the only place I can get it is through their website.  It's a travesty!  L'Oreal claims that they did it because the US market for Shu is very small compares to other countries, and they would rather focus on the brands that make more money.  That is so short-sighted of them!  Shu Uemura has great products, such as the famous cleansing oil and eyelash curler which were immensely popular.  I was looking forward to more stores to open closer to me.  But instead they are gone even from the Barney's makeup counters!  I think they are still being sold in Cananda though for those lucky duckies!

I guess I should be happy that at least I can still get my favorite products online.  It just sucks because it's harder to discover more products this way.  But I was still able to replenish my favorite cleansing oil.

It's seriously the best thing.  I use it everyday.  It's great for removing makeup, even persistent waterproof mascara.  I do have to use a face wash after using the cleansing oil though, because it's obviously oil based and I don't like the feeling of oil leftover on my face. A bottle lasts forever too.  I usually get the 64 oz and it literally lasts years.  So for the price tag of $70, it's really a pretty damn good deal.

I also replenished my Soft Cross false lashes from Shu.  I've tried out lots of different false lashes in my day.  But nothing comes close to the lashes from Shu.  So I've been using them for years.  They are the best quality and are beautifully made.  I can wear them over and over again.  They have very dramatic looking ones, as well as the more natural looking ones as well.  My favorite ones are the Soft Cross, and the Smoky Layers.

Soft Cross
Smoky Layers
They are pretty similar, except smoky layers are thicker than soft cross.  I find that the soft cross ones are thin and natural looking enough that they can be worn during the day without looking like you have too much makeup on.  At least that's how I feel.  Hehe.

The smoky layers are definitely not the most dramatic lashes that Shu makes, but I don't really want to go for the drag queen look the super thick lashes tend to give at times.  So I think smoky layers are the perfect go out on the town wear.  I think I have like 3 pairs of them laying around, because I don't really wear them that often anymore.   They really last forever.  The soft cross ones, because they are thinner, don't last quite as long. 

Anyway, so I think that if anyone is thinking about trying out lashes, look no further!


  1. What a shame that Shu is no longer available for you in stores!

    I love Shu as well - pretty much all my make up is Shu. Soft Cross are one of my fave lashes, as well as Luxe for a more dramatic effect. I haven't tried the Smoky Layers - I'll have to keep my eye out for them next time I have my make up done at Shu.

  2. I know! Most of my makeup is from Shu too. I miss it... lucky you!

  3. Btw, I have Luxe as well and find it extremely dramatic on me. Smoky layers is more subtle. I really like them.

  4. I will definitely give the Smoky Layers a go!


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