Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lululemon Run: Inspire Jacket - On My Wishlist!

I went to the Lululemon store today to see what new goodies they had, which was not much.  I did see the Run: Fast shorts in non-black colors marked down to $34 which I would have grabbed in an instant but none in size 4 of course.  Grrrr!!!!!  I really hope that they will make more colors of these shorts, but it may not be likely since it's already on sale.  Maybe I need to make a trip to the Santa Monica store soon as they typically have more stuff in stock, so I can stock up!

But I tried on the cute Run: Inspire jacket which I loved! The store I went to only had purple and black.  So I tried on purple, but the pink one online is cute too.

I'm not usually interested in wind breaker style jackets, but I loved the fit of the Inspire jacket.  I tried on my normal size 4 just for kicks because I was bored, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn't baggy and shapeless like I would have expected.  It fits really well in the upper arms / chest area.  I find most Lululemon jackets to have a bit excess material in that region so I was really happy with the fit of this one.  Though I don't think anyone with bigger than a B cup, or someone who wanted to layer something underneath it, would be able to zip it up since it was rather fitted.  Worked pretty well for me though.  The rest of the body was fitted but not tight, though the lower back poofed out a little on me but I could kind of pat it down.  The length was great.  I like the look of the front zipper off to the side.  I thought it looked really cute with it zipper up to the point where the model in the above pic has it, or zipped up even more.  The jacket had a lot of details, like the cuffins were so soft and warm, and it comes with a watch hole on the left arm.  It has reflective stripes, stowable hood, and fairly large front and back pockets with music storage.  It was just such a cute and functional jacket!  I really wanted to buy it, but I just would never need something like this in LA.  We don't really have rain or wind, there's really almost no seasonal changes here.  So unless I plan to go camping a lot in the mountains or something (and I don't), I would never be able to use a water-proof, wind-resistant jacket like this.  So, hopefully this jacket doesn't sell well here and gets marked down enough for me to not feel bad picking it up.  Hehe.  So now it is on my wish list!


  1. Wow, $34!? I'm still within my 14 day window of receiving my coal/citron Fast Shorts... I'll have to go see if they are in my size and marked down at my local store.

    Glad to hear your opinion of the Inspire jacket... I was tempted when it was uploaded, but think I'd like to see it in person for $158. I really love the watch slit on the left arm. I want to make sure that I love the rest of the jacket too if I'm going to spend that kind of money.

  2. Non of the run fast shorts were marked down at my store (Shrewsbury - NJ) when I went the other day. I would have snapped them up in a second! I love those shorts. I bought the black inspire jacket off the web upload, and then tried the SP one on in store. I am actually glad I got the black, it is a cute jacekt that I think I can wear running/walking with the hubby and runnign to the store (esp with the stowable hood). I am pretty happy with that purchase.

  3. If I lived in a colder climate like you guys, I would have picked up that jacket for sure! I agree that for $158 you definitely need to try it on and love everything about it. And especially if you plan to layer underneath, I would try it on for sizing.

    How annoying that Lululemon has different pricing among stories and online! Like I would buy the oasis Fast shorts online since they still have size 4, but now I don't want to pay full price when I know it's marked down at my store. Just sold out in my size. So we all end up losing.

  4. I find Lulu inconsistent pricing rather annoying also. I've gotten in the habit of checking online before I go in the showroom to see what the online prices are. Our showroom hardly EVER has markdowns, it's so sad.

  5. I called my local lulu before making the trip there after work yesterday - and they said they don't even have the Fast Short in stock in store... boo. Glad I called first though. I brought my shorts & receipt & fedex tracking print out with me ready to defend my 14 day return window to repurchase for $20 cheaper! Luckily I like them enough to keep them for full price...

  6. Is there any warmth to the jacket, or is it just a wind-/water- resistant layer?

    @ojodeazul & super- what temperatures would it be appropriate for?

  7. Hmmm... I think it's just a wind breaker type of jacket, no fleece lining or anything. I'd probably wear it with a thin shirt under in 60 degree weather? lol, I don't know, I get cold really easily though. Like I'll be busting out my winter coat when it gets under 60 degrees out! Today I felt like wearing my scarf cuz it was 70 degrees and kinda chilly. So I'm probably not the best person to ask about this lol...

    That sucks that the Fast shorts were not on sale or not carried at your stores. Doesn't make sense to me since it's now probably a little too cold to wear shorts over there? Shouldn't they be on sale there before they go on sale here? Uber confused.

  8. I know my local store had the swiftly shorts that you had posted about previously, but I'm not sure if they ever got the Fast shorts.

    Surprisingly... it's not too cool here yet! We had a week or so of highs in the upper 70s/low 80s, but Sunday it got into the mid 80s... today and tomorrow it's supposed to hit 90-92. I find that I wear shorts for running down until about 50, 40s and cooler I go for crops/tights.

    After our hot summer, 60s does feel cool to me! My husband thinks I'm crazy for grabbing a a sweatshirt at night when it's below 70 :) But I miss my hoodies and sweatshirts! It's been a long time since I got to wear them last (Plus I have some new things, like the Stride Jacket that I want to wear more!)

  9. Oh those Swiftly shorts were on sale too and they had TONS of them. But they were still not cheap enough for me to feel tempted and use as chill-at-home type of shorts.

    Sounds like it's warmer over there than where I am! But I think it's going to get hot again next week. It's weird because we barely had a summer here. There were only a handful of hot days. And yesterday was the official last day of summer!

    60s is COLD!! Hahaha... I'm a big fan of outer wear too. Sometimes I wish I lived in a colder climate just so I can wear more jackets! I wore my Stride jacket today too. =)


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