Thursday, December 16, 2010

Spartan Race

Oh my goodness, I can't even believe I just missed the Spartan Race in Malibu!  It was this past Sunday.  I was looking at it a few months ago and it looked like so much fun!  It's a 5k race with obstacles such as barbed wire crawl, jumping through fire, mud crawl, spear throw, cargo net climb, 12' slippery ramp etc.  I think if you mess up or can't finish an obstacle, you get punished by having to do like 10 pushups or whatever they decide to have you do.  So I guess there's people yelling at you (in a good way), you get down and dirty, and at the end they give you a spartan metal and beer!  I think a lot of people dress up in gladiator outfits too.  Someone I know did the Spartan Race in Irvine right after Thanksgiving, and said it was awesome.  I'm guessing though that this is a race where you don't want to show up in your best looking Lululemon outfit.

Here are some pictures of what I missed!

Everyone looks like they are having a great time too.  And any race held in Malibu is pretty great regardless.  Ahhh... I will not miss it next year!  I get bored running pretty easily.  So this is just what I need! 


  1. Check out Tough Mudder, if you like this. It's rad.

  2. Don't do the Tough Mudder I got severly ripped off it was $180 bucks for the same thing there is another Spartan I am doing in Temecula CA in Febuary, see you there

  3. I did Tough Mudder and it was great. It's actually a much longer course than the spartan...

  4. I've never heard of the Tough Mudder so I'll look into it. But wow $180 is a lot. I don't think I'd shell out that much for a race.

    Ohhhh Temecula would be fun. I wonder if they give you free wine tasting afterwards? Hehe. I'll have to look at the date and see if it will work.

  5. I have friends who have done the tough mudder here in PA/NJ - it was expensive, but they seemed to enjoy it as a one time thing. The one near me was more like a 6 mile obstacle course run largely uphill (on a ski mountain during the summer). I don't even think you get a time.

  6. Could not agree more. I am doing the Spartanrace in San Diego...I have no idea how Spartan Race is able to charge so little for such an amazing event. I heard RAVE reviews about Spartan from some people that did it....sounds very exciting.


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