Monday, December 20, 2010

Express Chiffon Sleeve & Ruffle Top

I wasn't planning on going to the actual stores to shop during this crazy shopping season, but I went to work out at my gym which just happens to be on 3rd Street Promenade among all the stores.  So I stopped in some stores on my way out.  It was actually nice that it was pouring rain all weekend, I think it really deterred people from venturing out.  I stopped in Express because they were having 30% off everything, with pretty low expectations.  But I actually ended up going home with the Chiffon Sleeve & Ruffle Top which turned out to be a pretty good top for work. 

The body of this shirt is really really soft.  Like a nice comfortable t-shirt material.  I'm kind of tired of seeing ruffles everywhere, but I guess that's the thing right now or something.  When I look at the Express website, everything has ruffles.  Though it does work for a work shirt.  

I picked this shirt up because after the 30% off thing, it was only $20 something.  But after trying it out today, I'm actually really liking it!  It looks really good on its own or under a suit jacket.  I really like this light peachy color as well.  The sleeves are light and fluffy, and semi-sheer.  I was afraid that it would be too see-through but it's not at all.  I still wore a cami underneath it though, just to be safe, since when I left the house at 4:30 this morning (yeah I start work at 5:30 - sucks to be on the west coast and work the market hours!) I was still half asleep and I've learned to not trust my judgments at that time of day.  A couple weeks ago I actually showed up to work with two completely different shoes (style wise and color wise)!  Luckily one of my coworkers pretty much lives out of her car trunk and we're the same shoe size!

I do like the style of a lot of Express stuff for work, and I like not having to spend a lot of money on work clothes.  But it's really hit or miss on quality.  If I shop online without looking at an item in person first, sometimes it shows up looking like garbage, with the seams not sewn and not even cut straight.  But this top is actually decent quality.  The chiffon doesn't look bad at all, and the edges are completely finished.  I would consider getting another color of this top.  It also comes in a very light grey, white, and black which all would work well.  I guess though, that I rather spend big bucks on workout and lounge wear that I know will last!  One of my coworkers is a really funny gay guy, and he sends me links of not-so-good-looking Lululemon items all day, asking why anyone would spend $100 a piece or whatever on them (but he gladly takes all my Lululemon shoppers though).  His pick of the day today is these "ugly track pants".  He says if I stop shopping at Lululemon then I could buy a Bentley.  Hmm not quite.  Whatever, people just don't understand!


  1. That's strange for someone to invest so much time into something that they don't like...

    I'm not loving the ruffles all over, either, esp the ones on the back of the Lulu tanks. Seems silly to me, and I'm definitely a girly girl & usually like ruffles!

    Do you shop at Ann Taylor Loft? I recently got a job, after being a SAHM for 13 yrs, and it's where I've been going to stock up my work wardrobe. I love that place, and everything fits & is almost always made pretty well for the price.

  2. I've bought stuff from Ann Taylor before, but it's not somewhere that i go regularly. I think I should def go check it out next time I go shopping and see what they have! I agree their stuff seem to be nicely made, and price is not bad.

    I'm a girly girl too, but I think I'm just having a ruffle overload. I hate the ruffle on the back as a racing stripe look that Lululemon did for some of their tops. But I don't mind if they are strategically placed, and not too obvious.

  3. I dun like Ann Taylor---too old lady, & too much $ for what it is, but I do like Loft


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