Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ziva from NCIS

I love the show NCIS on CBS.  I don't normally like crime shows, but it's very well written and has a great cast.  Each character has a uniqueness that immediately captures your attention.  

So I was grabbing a quick bite last night at Coral Tree Cafe, and in walks Cote de Pablo, the actress that plays Ziva David on the show. 


She's so pretty!  I like her character on NCIS a lot, and I think she is a good actress.  She's pretty without trying to be.  It looks like she barely wears any makeup, so I guess she's a natural beauty!  She looked exactly the same in person.  Even the clothes she wore was very similar to her character's wardrobe from the show, since Coral Tree is a very casual place.  We made eye contact as soon as she sat down lol.  I was excited.  I was also looking around to see if anyone else recognized her.  Didn't look like it.  I guess you wouldn't know her face if you have never watched the show.  Even though it's supposedly the #1 show on television!  

This is my second NCIS actor sighting in a month!  I saw Mark Harmon who plays Agent Gibbs on the show at SugarFish about a month ago, which is pretty much diagonally across the street from Coral Tree.  So I guess they both live in Brentwood or nearby!  Love Brentwood for the numerous celebrity sightings.  My coworker saw Arnold Schwarzenegger at Coral Tree once, how exciting!  I would have loved to see him... hehe.

I also would love to see the rest of the NCIS crew too!  Like Tony, and Mcgee, and Abby!  Come on, keep up the once a month record!  

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