Friday, February 12, 2010

Lululemon Move It Messenger Bag - Sidewalk


I had to get the Lululemon Move It Messenger in Sidewalk (gray) the other day.   This came out about two weeks ago in stores, and I didn't think I needed a messenger bag then so I didn't get it right away.  Then it came out online about a week ago, and the gray one sold out super fast.  So by the time I decided that I wanted to get it, they only had black and pink left. Then a couple days later, all the colors were sold out.  I had to call multiple stores to ask if they still had the gray one, and Santa Monica had just one left that was on their mannequin.  So they put it on hold for me and I went to get it about an hour later.  They told me that someone already tried to steal it!  But they held it for me of course.  I guess everyone wants this bag for some reason and they flew off the shelves like crazy!  So I'm glad I got the last one available in the color I wanted!

I like the gray one the best because it has the pink zipper.  Plus it's a nice classic color anyway.  I think the pink zipper is a nice pop of color though, and that makes the bag unique.  Black is a little boring for me.  It would be cool if they put a teal zipper in or something, then I would definitely get it.  I wouldn't mind the pink bag, but I wish the zipper was a contrasting color too.  Besides, I think gray is a little more versatile, especially for those days that I don't feel like being so perky with a bright pink bag!

I got the Move It Messenger because it looks very cute as a gym bag or an everyday bag, or a travel bag.  It looks very slick.  And it is VERY large.  In fact, I feel like it almost buries my frame when I carry it haha.  Since my work is moving, I won't be able to come home after the gym in the mornings and drop off my gym bag before going to work.  So I figured I would use the Move It Messenger as a gym bag for a while.  That way I can have a big space to store my gym gear and still be stylish and not have to lug a gym bag or duffle bag around.

I really like how the Move It Messenger is one large bag from the flap to the bottom of the bag.  Basically the zipper on the flap is the only way to access the bag.  So you lift up the flap, unzip it, and that's how you access the main compartment of the bag.  When the flap is folded down and zipped up, there is no way anything would fall out of the bag.  Nor would anyone be able to steal anything unless they cut the bag open.  My stuff will be very secure that way.  There are also 2 big additional pouches on the front with pockets for phone and ipod, and whatever else you would like to store.  That's easy to access, you just lift up the flap a little and you would be able to reach those pockets.  The back of the bag is also a big zipper pocket, and it's supposed to be able to fit a 15 inch lap top.  Though I think a 17 inch might fit too!  Like I said, it's a really big bag.  

I used it for the first time today, and I put in a pair of high heel sandals, jeans, whole gym outfit, makeup, wallet, and other misc. little things and it still wasn't even half full.  Wow.  But since the inside compartment is one gigantic pocket, everything is stored altogether.  I think stuff could get lost in there pretty easily and would require lots of searching around. 

The bag also has no shape of its own, so it collapses when there's nothing in it.  But I think it still looks decent even when it's almost empty, it still looks like a messenger bag, so that doesn't bother me with this bag.  The shoulder strap also has room for cell phone.  That is very convenient, except it's just a little bit tight for my iphone.  I would have to shove it in.  And it doesn't fit all the way in, so I highly doubt I will use this feature unless I don't mind losing my phone.  The shoulder strap is not padded at all, and that makes the bag quite uncomfortable on the shoulder when it's heavy.  I don't like that.  What's the point of having a bag that could fit literally everything when it hurts your shoulder to carry it?  I wish they would have put a little padding on it like on their gym bags.  I wonder if I should get one of those car seat belt padding thingies and use on this bag!  LOL!  Definitely would be comfortable...

I normally carry a purse for my day to day activities.  Of course I have Lululemon gym bags that I use for the gym.  But lately I've been unhappy with my gym bags which is why I wanted another bag also.  I have the Essential Gym Bag in aruba / manifesto.  

It's a nice bag that comes with all the marked pockets, removable pouches for dirty shoes and sweaty cothes, lap top holder, yoga mat strap, etc. etc.  But I got tired of the color.  I feel too much like a middle school girl when I carry this bag.  Plus it is on the small side.  Though it's wide, and can hold my sneakers as well as spin shoes and a change of clothes all at the same time.   I just would like a little more room for extras.  I wish I had got the black one instead.  I actually got the black for my mom and she uses it to travel, she loves it!

The material of the black one is a very nice and soft leather feel, versus the fabric material on mine.  It's much nicer.  Plus the inside has purple manifesto swirl which is super cute!
I think I will put my Essential Gym Bag on ebay soon.   I don't think I will use it again, not even as a travel bag, since it's too small for that unless I plan to be gone only one night or something.  

I got the Get Set Go Duffle when it went on sale a couple months ago and I have been using it as a gym bag ever since.  I actually used it to travel first, which was VERY nice.  It is much bigger than the Essential Gym Bag, and it fits even more in it than you would think possible.  I can definitely use this bag for a weekend trip and would have no problem fitting everything.


I got the Coal/Antidote color.  The antidote accent lines look yellow in the picture, but they are actually more green in real life.  It's pretty bright, and the coal portion really looks black.  It is very very dark.  I don't mind this color combo.  It gives the dark coal color more pop.  And overall it's more muted than my Essential Gym Bag since it is mostly coal still, so I can definitely use it more.  The only problem I have with this bag is that it doesn't have any shape to it.  So when it's not filled to the top with stuff, it can basically bend into any shape, which are not very attractive looking usually.  Sometimes it just looks like an odd shaped ball of fabric when I use the shoulder strap.  So I would have to use the handles instead and wear it more like a purse.  It retains its shape much better that way, since the handles pull from front and back of the bag, and the shoulder strap pulls from the sides.  But I think this bag is better as a travel duffle than a gym bag.  So I will see how the Move It Messenger works for a while, but I have a feeling I will buy another gym bag.  Just because the messenger style bag may not be the best to use as a gym bag.  Who knows, we'll see.  No hurry though, I'm going to wait until an absolutely perfect one comes along and decide!

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