Friday, February 5, 2010

Lululemon Clarity Vest & Principle Jacket

Lululemon Clarity Vest


While I was at the Lululemon store last night,  I tried on the new Clarity Vest that just came in this week.  They didn't have the white color as pictured though.  They only had the pink one, which was cute too but I would probably like the white one better.  It was very very light, when I put it on it felt like I wasn't wearing anything.  It was like a very light windbreaker, except I don't think it would do anything to keep me warm and the wind away.  So it's pretty much like wearing a plastic bag with arms cut out.  The fit was fine, seemed true to size, and length was good.  But it was priced outrageously at $98!  So needless to say, I had to pass on it.  Woah... I mean come on, I would consider buying it for $60 *maybe*, definitely not for $98.  It was cute but nothing special.  For how thin it was, definitely a rip off.  I don't understand why Lululemon thinks this is a reasonable price for it while we are still in this recession!  I can't imagine anyone would want to pay that price for it at any time actually, especially considering it doesn't do anything for warmth!  I'm waiting for a big price adjustment and then I will reconsider.

Lululemon Principle Jacket


I had been eying the Principle Jacket for a couple weeks now.   Admittedly, I did think it was weird looking in the beginning, and I don't think it looks very attractive on this model.  But it was also a little intriguing at the same time.  I read on the Lululemon Facebook page that a lot of thinner girls seem to love it, but girls with bigger mid section thought it was unflattering.  Well, good thing I work out hard to keep my stomach flat!  Hehe.  So I had been wanting to try it on for a while.  But the past 3 times or so I'd been to Lululemon stores last week, I was either sweaty (the Santa Monica store is a block away from Equionx fitness at the Promenade that I go to sometimes), or wearing something too thick to put anything over it, and was too lazy to go into the fitting room.

Well, they were out of my size 4 at the store last night so I tried on size 6.  It was definitely a little big so I think size 4 would have been perfect.  But I actually really liked the collar.  I didn't zip it up as high as the model in the picture, and had the collar popped up a little bit.  So it looked very chic.  I also like the black and blue contrast.  The bottom of the jacket stopped right around the thinnest part of my wasitline, so it was a flattering look.  I think it made me look taller and thinner!  But I can definitely see how someone with a pooch in the stomach or love handles may not like it, because it will definitely be showing out there!  

I actually didn't see the double blue lines down the back of the jacket when I tried it on, so I thought the back was completely black.  I'm not sure if I like those lines.  I think they make the jacket look more like a work out piece, which would not be my intended use for it if I bought it.  I would probably wear it out shopping or running errands, or something like that.  The thinner material and short length is perfect for the mostly warm southern California weather.

Well obviously I wasn't going to buy the jacket when it wasn't even my size, but even if it was the right size, I still probably would have passed.  Because, it's priced at $108!  For half of a jacket!  I can get a thick Lululemon Remix Hoodie, or a very technical running top for $98 - $99, why would I want to spend $108 for a thin half jacket thingy?!  Again, would definitely reconsider my decision if the price was say $30 cheaper.

Maybe this item will be price adjusted too?  Since a lot of people think it's ugly.  I can only hope!  I'm quite proud of myself now for not spending a single cent in weeks at Lululemon, especially considering how often I go to the stores.  But perhaps it's because they have not had any exciting items lately, I know I don't usually have that much self-control when I really want something!  Maybe this is why I've been looking for older things I missed on eBay (Run:Hills Pullover from my post yesterday...)


  1. Hi- I just discovered your website and have really enjoyed reading your reviews. I just recently discovered the Lululemon brand and must say I am becoming obsessed! Unfortunately I currently do not live near a store (originally from SoCal but currently residing in Alaska)so I have only bought one item off of eBay just to check the sizing, quality etc. Your site should also be very helpful, I am excited to read more!

  2. Hi Sara! I'm glad you enjoy it! I am definitely a huge Lululemon fan, which is why I write about it quite a bit! I've found that their quality and performance are superior to other brands I've used, which justifies the higher price in my opinion. Plus the style is so cute so it's great motivation to work out! If you ever have any questions, I will be glad to help if I know the answer! P.S. SoCal to Alaska - what a difference!


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