Monday, February 8, 2010

My Recent Lululemon Ebay Sells

I've had to sell a few Lululemon items on Ebay lately because my closet and drawers are overflowing with them.  I have so many things that were worn only a few times and thrown to the back of the closet and forgotten about.  What a waste!  So I thought I'd try to recoup some of my money by selling them to someone else who might actually find better use for them.  In my experience from the past, ebay has a HUGE Lululemon market, and I am able to sell most of my stuff for about the same price I paid, sometimes more!  Depending on how popular / hard to find an item is.  For example, I got the Lulu Bomber Jacket on sale for $52.

I put it on ebay for starting bid $49, thinking that it would maybe go up 10-20 bucks, that way I would make back my taxes and ebay/paypal fees.  But it ended up getting over 30 bids and sold for $180!  Crazy!!

So, my latest sells are as follows

Athletic Deep V in black pinstripe


I LOVE Athletic Deep V tanks, and own about 5 of them.   They are so figure flattering.  The A line style falls perfectly to give a very nice skinny waist look.  There is mesh on the neckline, under the rib cage, and all over the back for breathability.  It's very supportive, but since it's low cut, many people with bigger boobs have to go up a size.  I find that I don't really need to go up a size, but the built in bra band is a bit tighter than my other Lululemon tanks.  So maybe if I went up a size it would be more comfortable!  There is an ipod pocket in the back too which I love.  It is big enough for my iPhone!  The first version of the Athletic Deep V tank also has a plastic ipod cord holder on the side which is pretty cool too.  Not sure why they got rid of that feature in later models.  I guess it could be a little bit annoying having it hang there all the time when you are not using an ipod.  But anyway, that's minor.  

This tank is a very iconic Lululemon design.  It's definitely on the short side.  While I like longer length tanks in general, I do like the length of this tank because it allows the colorful band of whatever pants I wear to show.  I know it's silly, but I love the designs on my Lululemon pants around the hips (I never buy all black pants, I always buy ones with pretty designs on the band), and feel like it's a waste when they don't show through because my tank is covering them!  I wanted to sell this tank since I have so many other colors I like better that I never got around to wearing this one.  And now I'm trying to stop buying this style because it kind of makes me feel like a soccer mom (soccer mom types usually sport this around and seem to love it lol...).  So this tank retails $52, but I got it for like $30 or something.  Sold for $30 as well for 100% return!

Next, I have sold two of my Salutation Tanks.

These are organic cotton tanks, and I love the design of them.  They have thick straps on one side of the shoulder which are very supportive.  The other side has satin thin bra strap which is removable, so you get two looks in one!  They have built in bra shelf with option of bra inserts.  They are pretty long in length, but both sides have strings to pull and cinch them up to adjust the length however you want.  I love the colors too - heathered lolo purple and heathered oasis.   I had to let go of them though because 1. since they are cotton, they are not exactly best to work out in.  And 2. I found they cut in weird under my armpits to kind of push some skin out and give the illusion of armpit fat.  Ugh.  Super annoying.  I felt very self-conscious when I wore them, which is why I never really did wear them more than once or twice.  I bought the purple one at the SoHo store in NYC when I visited last September, and fell in love with it, so I bought the oasis one when I got back home.  After I got two, I realized that I really didn't like the "armpit fat" factor.  I got them both on sale though for $39 each.  I was able to sell the purple one for $40 and oasis one for $27 on ebay.  Not bad.  There are actually tons of this tank on ebay, but they are all buy it now at something ridiculous like $79.  They retailed at $52 so I don't know who would want to buy them at $79.  Whatever.  I started my bid on these at $24.  

Next, the Hip Slit Crops in black / frisby sunset floral, which is a very pretty blue floral print.

I liked these, they are low rise crops, and they have snap buttons on the bottom of the legs to adjust opening.  I actually got them new with tags on ebay for $42 before.  Wore them under 5 times.  My main problem with them was the low rise.  I thought that I would like it, because I find the Groove pants a little too high, though lovely.  But these were just a bit too low that they tend to fall a bit when I'm working out, and I hate adjusting my clothing when I'm working hard.  So, as much as I love the blue floral print, I had to let it go.  I was able to sell it for $45.  I started the bid at $34, so yay!  Got my money back on this one too.

I had the perfect tank to match these pants as well - the Rock It Tank in frisky / aruba sunset floral.

I love the color scheme of this tank because the front had a very soft blue and the back looked like a different tank with the bright blue!  Of course the same floral print on one side, and white on the other.  Very unique.  It was also a long tank with open back so it kept me cool during my work outs.  It's made of luon light which is awesome to work out in too, like the Cool Racerback tanks which I adore.  I got this tank when it was on sale for $39, even though it was a size 6.  I loved the print so much that I thought I would be able to wear one size up!  Well, I was wrong.  And Lululemon sale items are final sale, so I couldn't return it.  It was just a tad big!  When I was working out in this tank, the straps kept on falling off my shoulder.  Very annoying.  It was just a little too baggy all the way around and did not look put together.  I was very sad to have to get rid of it.  I started the bid for it at $19 and only got two bids so sold for $20.  Oh well, at least it made someone happy!  Maybe I will keep my eye out for the same one in a size 4 on ebay.  

The Shade Tank is my last latest sale. 

I think this tank (in different colors) has been on sale on the Lululemon website for like the past year?!?  Well, I guess I can see why.  I mean, it's not bad.  It's very thick, like much thicker than my other Lulu tanks.  So I guess that could be good or bad.  Good because it NEVER showed my sweat.  Inside could be soaked, but looked 100% dry from the outside.  Bad because it was just too thick!  It has nice features like the cut accentuates the curves, and it's got hidden pockets on the side of the tank for keys, gym cards, etc.  But I was never too crazy about it.  To me, it was just a whatever tank, I wore it maybe twice and got tired of it.  I rather buy Cool Racerbacks if I wanted a normal tank.  At least those are light weight and super flattering!  Plus I wear them to hang around the house too, not only to the gym.  I just could never like the Shade Tank enough to wear it around on a regular basis.  I also listed it at $19 and sold it at $19.  Good.  I was scared no one else would want it either!  
Ebay has been a great help in selling my stuff!  Love it!  I do buy quite a few things from there as well.  I'm just glad that it provides me with an outlet to get some of my money back from my impulse purchases instead of having them go to waste.  Their fees are quite high though, combined with Paypal fees, which really sucks.  But it makes me feel a little better when I decide to buy a "final sale" item from Lulu that I've never tried on before, knowing that I could always resell it on ebay if I hated it.  Speaking of which, they just uploaded a BUNCH of stuff on the sale section on their website today!  Mostly older items no one has seen in years.  But some really cute stuff too!  Like they have the Tri Babe Shorts which are probably great spin / triathlon shorts.  And also the Globe Trot Short that are also tight shorts that end around the knee area with a cute little reversible belt.  Both for $29, which is a great deal.  But they both only have size 6 available, which I am seriously debating getting anyways.  Since they are tight shorts, maybe I could get away with one size up!

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