Thursday, December 24, 2015

Banana Republic Blouses!

Wow I can't believe it's Christmas Eve already!  It seems like 2015 went by super fast.  Well, Christmas is not that big of a deal for me, and this year it doesn't even feel like Christmas at all for some reason.  I didn't buy any gifts lol.  Been buying things for myself though!  My Banana Republic order that I placed last week finally came so it feels like a present for myself hehe.  I pretty much like all 5 blouses I ordered!  But I also realize that 4 of them are almost exactly the same top in different colors lol.

So I got another Dot Chiffon Layered Blouse, in "cocoon" this time which is an ivory color.  I've been obsessed with the black one ever since I got it.  I think I already wore it like 3 times in 2 weeks!  So I had to have the lighter color as well.  This top literally goes with everything.  I've worn it to work, and I've worn it during the weekend casually and to dinner.  I love everything about it.

Since the lighter color shows details so much better on pictures, you can see that it is 2 layers, with the bottom one being very sheer.  The sleeves are sheer as well.    The outer layer has the dot print on it, but the rest doesn't.  I am wearing size XS here.  It fits pretty loosely.

The next 2 blouses I got are the same style but in different colors.  They are the Contrast Tie-Front Blouse.  I got it in cocoon (same name as the blouse above but looks whiter to me) and pink bubbles. 

I love tie front blouses.  I think the contrasting-color look is cool, but the best part about these blouses is that the tie is removable!  It's attached to the blouse by a button on the back of the collar.  Like this:

That's awesome because that means I can switch the ties between these 2 tops!  The white tie on the pink blouse is the exact same color as the white blouse.  So I will be able to have an all white top too.  And pink top with black tie will look good as well.  Or, I can wear the blouses without the ties completely, which is also great since they have a hidden button closure on the front which will look nice under a suit jacket.

I actually tried this top on in store before, so I knew I would take size XS in it as well.  But they were sold out of XS online in cocoon.  So I got it in size S, which is a bit baggy but given the oversized look, it works.

The back is longer than the front:

I was able to get the pink bubbles one in size XS.  It's shorter in the body and sleeves, and slightly looser in the torso.  I definitely prefer the XS.

The next 2 blouses are the same style as well ( and quite similar to the ones above lol).  But the first one is the metallic version.  It's the Metallic Tie Front Blouse, in sidewalk gray.

It doesn't really seem "metallic" to me though.  Just has a sheen to it, which makes it look silky.  I like the color a lot in person.  I wish this blouse had hidden buttons on the front as well though!  But oh well.  I got it in size XS too.

Contrary to the top above, this one has the same length from front to back:

I got the (non-metallic) Tie-Front Blouse in "new vermillion" as well, which is a bright red.  It's a nice color for Christmas!

I got it in XS as well:

So if I were to return any of these, it would be the last one.  That's only because I wouldn't get as much use out of the red color.  I feel like I should at least return one, since these 4 blouses are so similar in style!  So I may just do that.  =)

I do think I'll get a lot of use of these tops though!  I could wear them to work pretty much on any day.  They will also look cute with jeans or skirts on weekends.  

Anyway, give these a shot if you are in the market for a blouse in this style!  They are all on sale now, and sometimes you can get a code for additional discount.  I got all 5 for less than $200 total.  Pretty good deal!


  1. Happy holidays, MSE! That red is soo pretty. BR blouses are my favorite for work as they wash and hold up really well. Loved reading your blog and celebrating all of your accomplishments this year:).


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