Thursday, December 10, 2015

Black Orchid Skinny Jeans & Lululemon Kanto Catch Me LS

I received two more packages this week from my orders last week.  First, I got some new Black Orchid Jude Mid Rise Super Skinny Jeans from Nordstrom Rack.  They are on sale now for only $59.  I love my Black Orchid Noah Mid Rise Super Skinny jeans from a few months back, so I wanted another pair from the same brand.  I think what I love about these jeans is that the mid rise works really well for me, and the material they use is very soft and comfortable.  I guess the mid rise is more like a high rise.  They never slide down as you walk.  The wash/color I got is called "fashionista".

My Noah style is in size 27, which is kind of loose in the waist.  But I decided to get these in size 27 as well just so that they won't be super tight.  I think they fit similar to the Noah, maybe a smidge tigher.  So size 27 is a very comfortable fit.  Here they are on me:

So this is the rise on me - about an inch below the belly button:

Here's the close up of the Black Orchid logo:

Love these jeans!  I think they are a great deal at the price too.  Their original retail price is $150.

And then my Lululemon Kanto Catch Me LS Reflective came as well, which I ordered from We Made Too Much last week.  It went on sale to $69 from $98, which isn't that much of a discount.  But I do like the reflective design on the sleeves.

I got it in size 4.  They only had size 2 and 4 left when I ordered so there wasn't any other choice anyway.  It's definitely a form fitting fit.  So I would size up if you wanted a looser fit.  It's made of rulu so it's very soft.  I do like the fit of it, but I wish it wasn't quite as form fitting.

Here's the close up:

Here's the reflectors on the sleeve:

They fade up towards the upper arm:

On the lower left side, there's a very inconspicuous zipper pocket next to the logo.  You can barely see it here:

The pocket itself is rather small.  I don't even know if it would fit a credit card.

Anyway, it's definitely not the best deal out there, but it's a nice top.  I am always a fan of rulu, and the reflectivity is a plus.  I'm also gravitating towards black more and more nowadays, so I'm pretty sure I'll get a lot of use out of this one!

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