Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Express Houndstooth Pencil Skirt & Editor Pants

Since I got a new job, new work clothes are in order!  I went to Express last week, mainly to replenish my work pants.  I'm a big fan of their Wide Waistband Editor pant, and that's all I've been wearing to work for like 10 years!  I have many varieties of this pant style that I rotate.  But my original black ones are still from like 7 years ago... lol!  I really love them though, and they were cut slightly differently from (better than) the current version even though they are called the same.  Still, after all this time, there are some fraying on the back of the pant legs that I just can't live with anymore.  I sure got my money's worth on them though!  I'd guess I've been wearing them at least twice a month, so that's 168 times minimum over the past 7 years!  Other than the fraying on the back of the legs, they are still in pretty decent shape.  So that in itself makes me a loyal Express fan for work pants!

Express is currently having the buy one get one 50% off sale on Editor pants.  But what I didn't know was that they stopped carrying the Wide Waistband style of Editor pants in stores!  At least that's what I was told by the sales person.  Apparently they are now online only.  So, I tried on the regular version of Editor pants.  I had tried those on before, and didn't like them.  But that was a long time ago and they seem to fit better now.  So I got 2 pairs, both in the "barely boot" style.  One pair in black, and one pair in bold herringbone.

I got both in size 2 regular, which is a size up from my older Wide Waistband Editor pants (actually I used to wear 00 when they first came out and were cut super big).  I don't really think this means anything because I've found the sizing of these pants to fit all over the place throughout the years.  As I said, I have these pants in size 00, 0, and 2, and I can still wear all of them.  So it's not me, it's them lol.  I think you just have to try them on, and then be prepared that Express will change the cut on you at some point.

Here's the black ones on me.  I do like the "barely boot" style, which is a more modern cut.  My Wide Waistband Editor pants are all "flare".  They are not 70s flare or anything like that.  But they do have a wider opening.  The current Editor pants come in "flare" as well, but I didn't try them on.

Another difference between Editor and Wide Waistband Editor is that the Editor pants have belt loops.  This is both good and bad I think.  Good because I can wear belts!  But I feel like when there are belt loops on your pants, then you have to wear a belt when you tuck shirts in, or it will look sloppy.  But that's just my opinion.  This means I need some new belts.  

Here's the bold herringbone.  I only tried on the black ones and grabbed the same size in these.  But when I put them on at home, I found them to be tighter fitting in the bum than the black pair.  Since the color is lighter, I'm not sure if I can wear these to work.  They are too tight around the butt, especially to wear to a new job!  I think I need to either size up or exchange for a different pattern.

Too bad, I am a big fan of herringbone patterns.  

Lastly, I got the Houndstooth pencil skirt with faux leather trimming.  I love this skirt!  It looks and feels expensive, I think it's one of the better quality skirts I've seen from Express.  It's in my favorite print ever, and it has pockets!!  Sold immediately.

The pattern is just perfect!  I got it in size 2, which is my usual pencil skirt size at Express.  The waist fits a little tight though, but not enough to size up.  In fact, if I size up then the hips would be too big.

Faux leather trim around the waist and the pocket areas:

I love winter prints!  Will need to go back to Express and see about exchanging my herringbone pants though.  So, updates to come later!

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