Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Work Stuff from Ann Taylor

I made an order from Ann Taylor for a few more new work tops and received it last week.  I actually have worn 3 out of the 4 things this week, and I am pretty happy with them so far!  I'm so glad I now have so many new clothing pieces for my new job.  It feels like a fresh start in every sense!

For reference, I got size XS in all 4 items.  I have bought both size XS and S in Ann Taylor tops in the past.  The tops I bought this time are all loose fitting style.  

My favorite on is the Striped Crepe Wrap Blouse in dusty cornflower.  I love blue and white stripes for some reason.  I love the draping in this top.  The back is slightly longer so you can either tuck it in or leave it out like the model below.  It's very similar in style to my Pleione faux wrap tops from Nordstrom.

I wore this exact outfit yesterday.  Sometimes I like mixing patterns like stripes and plaid lol:

I also really like the Chiffon Trim tunic.  I got it in classic plum.

I didn't realize this when I ordered this top, but the back is actually made of a different material than the front.  The front is like a flowy chiffon and the back is more like a cottony soft material.  It's very comfortable and very easy to wear.  But I do wish it was a little shorter so it doesn't sit at an awkward length on me when I leave it untucked.

This top comes in quite a few colors, but I think you cannot go wrong with plum.  Ever.

This is a close up that shows the fabric difference between front and back.  It's hard to tell by just looking at the top, but the feel is very different.

The third top I got is the Silk Sketched Plaid Blouse.  I like the soft color and subtle plaid print.  This top is now on sale, with additional 60% off (code SHOP60)!  That makes it only like $27 which is a great price, especially for a silk shirt!  I paid almost $50 for it with another promotion back then.  Too bad Ann Taylor doesn't do price adjustments on promotions.  But if you want like top, now is your chance to get it at a great deal!

This blouse is actually made of 100% silk.  But it's pretty thin.  It's semi sheer to wear on its own.  You can *almost* get away with just wearing a nude bra under, due to the pattern camouflaging some sheerness.  But I opted to wear a cami under it when I wore it to work, which I don't really mind.  

Lastly, I got the Brushed Chevron Shirtdress.  I love my Mod Scarf Print dress from Ann Taylor so much that I wanted another one in a similar style.  This dress is now also on sale with additional 60% off which makes it only $35!

I like the color and print of this dress.  This is the only item I haven't worn yet.  But when I tried it on, I liked it.  The fact that the back is slightly longer than the front is great too.  It's a very subtle difference, but it helps when you bend over or sit and you have a bit more coverage.

It's a bit weird to have a neck tie, and a waist tie, though.  But I guess you can hardly see them due to the pattern:

Here's a close up of the small length difference between front and back:

So I will of course be keeping all 4 items I ordered!  They are all very nice styles and easy to match with many of my pants or skirts.  But it must be said that I do think it's stupid that Ann Taylor won't do a price adjustment for me, considering I just bought them and I could order them again at the lower price and return the other at the price I paid.  But I can't be bothered to do that and that's probably what they figured lol.  That's why Nordstrom always will be the best place to shop!


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