Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sam Edelman Anastasia Sandal - Must Have!

I had yesterday off work, so I went shopping a little.  I really only went to 3 stores - Lululemon, Sam Edelman (next door to Lululemon in Beverly Hills) and Trader Joe's lol.  I went to Lululemon first and tried on a bunch of stuff.  Didn't buy a thing.  I don't know what happened but all their newer, more relaxed fit tanks are soooo long!  I hate it when tanks cover my butt completely.  It just doesn't look good.  If it wasn't for the length in the back, I would have bought some.  I know they hem for free there, but I can't be bothered.  Oh and I tried on the Free To Be Wild bra for the first time - meh, Lorna Jane bras are so much better.

So I wandered over to the new Sam Edelman store next door afterwards.  Sam Edelman is like my favorite heel brand I think.  They are always so comfortable despite how high they are, and their price point is really reasonable for the design and quality!  I liked many different styles at the store, I could have bought 5 pairs lol.  But I bought 2 pairs only.  And actually will return one of them.

The style that I LOVE, which is also on sale, is the Anastasia Sandal in new burgandy.  They are on sale from $150 to $105 at Sam Edelman.  Nordstrom actually carries it too, and it's on sale for $99.9.  However, Nordstrom only has black and sharkskin (light gray, also very pretty), they do not carry the burgandy ones.

These sandals are actually quite similar to the Palma sandals that I ordered and returned from the Nordstrom anniversary sale.  I remember those being uncomfortable on, like the heel was too high that you felt like you were tipping over.  But these Anastasia sandals are super comfy!  I can walk miles in them.  No joke.  It says online that the heel is 4 inches, but they don't feel that high to me.

I think the burgandy color is very nice and I don't have any other shoes in this color!  It's very "fall".  Love.  Here they are on me... they match my current toe nail color!  I got my normal size 6.

The back lace up is adjustable so if you have wider/narrower ankles, you can suit them to your comfort.  I think I have regular sized ankles, but I prefer looser fit where the shoe is not hugging my ankles completely.  This is kind of the loosest it gets:

You don't have to mess with the tie at all each time when you put them on or take them off though, because there is an inner zipper:

I actually debated hard on whether to go with the sharkskin or burgandy.  Here's the sharkskin:

While I think the gray color is probably more versatile, I decided against it in the end because I have quite a few pairs of nude sandals/shoes.  I felt that whatever outfit I can wear gray with, I can wear nude.  So I went with the burgandy which are more unique I suppose.  Although, I'm kind of tempted to get the gray ones also!

The second pair of shoes I got from Sam Edelman is my fun splurge, which I actually came into my sense since and will go return them.  They are the Perth sandals in bronze.  I thought they kind of had that wow factor and would look great with a black dress or skirt.

But after I took them home, I tried them on with many dresses and outfits and found that they don't look that good with any of my existing outfits.  I think maybe they just go too high on my ankles and my legs are not long enough to pull off this look.  I would imagine someone who has really long and thin legs would look great with these on.  Nordstrom sold out of this color so they only have the solid black.  They are the same price on both sites though, not on sale at $175 which is not bad at all.  Giuseppe Zanotti makes lots of sandals like these, and they are at least 10 times the price!

The height of the heels are also more on the uncomfortable side, since they are 4.5 inch without any platform.  The side buckles are adjustable though, so you can adjust based on your arch.  These also fit true to size.

Surprisingly, these shoes are not as "loud" as you'd think. 

Well, I'm going to return them since they don't look that great with any outfits I own, and also because I simply don't have any occasions to wear them to.   But I still think they are cool, so if you have things to go with them, I'd say get these!

But, everybody needs to get the Anastasia sandals.  They will go with everything, no matter which one of the 3 colors you get.  =)

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  1. Off topic- I found a shirt I think you will LOVE! Go to www.revolve clothing. Click on Designers A-Z. Scroll all the way down to Wilde Heart (2 words). It is the Wilde Heart Rolling Stones shirt. It is just like your Pleione faux wrap shirts but it is sleeveless & red plaid. I received mine in size small today (they were out of XS, but now you can preorder the XS) I love it & also preordered the XS today just to see! You and I are the same size/build. Check it out:)

  2. The website is www.revolveclothing.com. Sorry!

  3. I guess you don't like it:(

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