Thursday, October 9, 2014

Juma Silk Printed Jacket

I got a new jacket from Gilt - the Juma Silk Printed Jacket.  I am torn about this one!  It's a 100% silk outer shell, but it's lined and it's actually really comfortable on.  The weight is just about perfect for most of the year in LA.  I think it's a unique print/style, but it needs some modifications and I'm not sure if it would be worth my effort.  Here's the jacket on the Gilt model, who is apparently way taller than me:

So this jacket looks way longer on me!  Too long, in fact, especially in the front.  It makes me look disproportionate I think.

I don't mind the back though:

And I do like the looser fit in the size S that I got:

The bottom front is kind of interesting, it's got this extra black material on one side sewn onto the silk print part:

The other side is actually the same piece as the rest of the jacket.  But the pattern distribution happens to be all black there:

The side has a black panel as well:

The back has this curved hem which is another separate piece sewn onto the silk material.  As I mentioned already, I don't mind this look.  Though I would prefer to be without it if I had a choice.

So I think I would definitely need to alter the front of this jacket if I were to keep it.  I tried tucking the front into my pants to make it look a lot shorter, and a straight hem.  I think I like it like that.  I'm just not sure if the tailor could do a good enough job.

I think this length is a lot better.  But I just have to decide if I want to bother with it or save my money for something else.  Dilemmas!

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  1. I think it looks nice on you and I can see the pros you mentioned, but I usually figure if I'm not sure then I should send it back. Just how I make my decisions :)

    1. That's how I try to make my decisions too, but it's still so hard sometimes! =)

  2. I do a lot of dressmaking and your tailor shouldn't have any problems putting an even hem on the front of that jacket, all they need to do is undo the lining at that point and make a new hem, it's not going to be much more difficult than hemming a pair of pants apart from the lining. I think it looks way sharper with the front hem level, if you like it go for it.

  3. It think this jacket is nice the way it is. You look good and tall in your first picture.


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