Thursday, October 30, 2014

Major Fail for Splendid

I am a fan of Splendid, but my latest purchase from Ruelala of pants made by them is a complete fail.  I actually liked the look of them so much that I ordered them in two sizes to ensure that I'd get the right size!

They just look like the perfect casual pants!  Kind of in between sweat pants and jeans.  I was really excited to get them.  I ordered them in both size S and XS.  I usually wear size XS in Splendid tops and dresses, but I have never bought any pants by them so I wasn't sure.  Turns out, the XS was too small that I could barely get my leg through.  The S was a pretty good fit.  I really liked the way the looked and they were super comfy like I thought!

I liked them with the cuffs rolled up:

The rise is really high, which made them kind of look like old lady pants.  But they hid all the flaws pretty nicely!  And the tie kept them in place.

So after I sent back the XS, I was super excited to wear the ones I kept.  I took the tag off right away and wore them for about 4 hours during which time I had brunch and walked around a little.  To my complete dismay, when I took them off, I found 3 HUGE holes on the waistband!

Look how big this one is!

These two holes below are on a different part of the waistband:

Omg, I was so shocked.  I think what caused those holes is me pulling them up a few times throughout the day.  But come on, I don't have sharp nails and I didn't pull them with such force that there should be 4 huge holes.  It's clearly a quality issue.  So I contacted Ruelala and they were pretty good about having me send the pants back for a refund.  I am upset though, because I really liked them and would have liked to keep them!  But alas... if you ever come across these pants, do not buy them!

I do like the Cowl Neck shirt I got though.  It's similar to the gray one I have which I got from ebay a while ago and wear a lot.  

I got the white in size XS because the gray one is size S and it's kind of loose.  I like the fit of the white one.  It's still not skin tight in XS, but definitely more form fitting.

I really love all my other Splendid purchases, so I hope that the pants were just a fluke.  I honestly don't think I've ever experienced anything like that, even with super cheap items I used to buy from stores like Forever 21!

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